Nina Dobrev Tries To Not Be Too Dependent On Her Phone

Pascal Le SegretainGetty Images

Former Vampire Diaries star Nina Dobrev sat down with Cosmopolitan to promote her new film Dog Days, and at one point during the interview, she discussed about how difficult it is to disconnect from her phone and how to find balance with digital consumption.

“I’ve gone through ups and downs. Phases where I’ve been too dependent on my phone, and it’s had adverse effects on my life. I feel like I haven’t been present in certain moments. I get frustrated when people are constantly on their phones and not paying attention. From seeing other people’s interactions and not wanting to be that person—I want to experience life instead of constantly documenting it. It’s a hard balance,” Dobrev explained to the magazine.

One way Dobrev likes to experience life is by traveling, and she does it quite a bit.

“I’ve been kind of all over. I don’t often splurge on material things; I splurge on flights and travel,” Dobrev said, “[I like] discovering new cultures, meeting new people, getting away from my normal schedule.”

Dobrev graced the cover of Cosmopolitan this month with her Dog Days co-star Vanessa Hudgens. The magazine also talked to Hudgens but mostly about her dog Darla — since the movie is dog-themed.

“My little guy. She’s like four years old. She’s a rescue. When I met her she wouldn’t even let me touch her—she was so afraid of people, especially men. She’s come full circle and is this cuddly sweetheart. My spunky sweetheart angel pup,” Hudgens gushed about her furry companion.

Dobrev posted a photo on her Instagram of the the two starlets looking casual and fun on the Cosmopolitan cover. She captioned it sweetly by saying, “Girl Power! Together we stand united. Couldn’t be more honored and thrilled to share a second cover with the beautiful, funny, sweet, talented and amazing @vanessahudgens”

The film Dog Days is in theaters now. It is quite the ensemble cast and features other great stars such as Finn Wolfhard from Stranger Things, Eva Longoria from Desperate Housewives, and Adam Pally from The Mindy Project.

The film only debuted at No. 12 in the box office according to Box Office Mojo. One would assume it’s probably because the sea monster movie The Meg took a huge bite into the box office, as it debuted at No. 1.

Dobrev can also be seen in Departures, out later this year, and All-Star Weekend, out in 2019.