Emily Ratajkowski Reminds People That Her Instagram Is Not Real Life But A ‘Curated Version Of A Character’

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Emily Ratajkowski wants young people to remember that the life she depicts on Instagram is not her literal life. That’s a great reminder for her 19.1 million fans who see the most glamorous side of the model-actress’s life. Emrata’s Instagram is filled with bikini photos from tropical settings, snaps of her modeling career, and more. But perhaps the secret to her success on Instagram can be attributed to the way she approaches the platform. She explained her thought process during an interview with Byrdie.

“What I always say to people is [my Instagram] is a curated version of a character. It’s not my real life.”

Emrata then goes on to describe how she uses her Instagram. She said that “I’m basically making my own magazine so to speak. I’m curating this world.” This approach is obviously seen on her Inamorata Instagram. Emily is the sole person behind that account, which is focused on marketing her swimwear line. It features photos of models wearing her bikinis, but many photos are sprinkled in which describe the brand.

Also, Emily isn’t about fabricating events or scenes to entertain fans. She said that “I try to make sure that there’s a real narrative behind things.”


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But that’s not to say that Emrata doesn’t forth an effort to maintain her page. It’s more of a balance, as she described that “It’s about being as honest as possible but also like yeah, I made sure the lighting was nice.”

Her quest for a genuine and honest experience on Instagram is also because she thinks that “Generation X’s bulls**t detector is incredible, and they don’t want to follow someone who’s not genuine.”

Just a day after the interview with Byrdie was published, Emily posted a photo of herself suffering a wardrobe malfunction to her Instagram. With the interview in mind, the photo is definitely more humorous than anything.

Never enough marble

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During the interview, Emily also clarified that she has opinions about feminism, sure, but that she’s not claiming to be some sort of expert.

“Just because I have some things to say about some things doesn’t mean that I think I’m some sage gifting wisdom.”

And for her, it’s even a weird thing for people to expect her to have the answers.

“It’s definitely a weird accident that people are like, ‘She really thinks she knows what she’s talking about,’ and I’m like, no, I don’t! Let’s just talk about it in general. It’s a conversation, you know?”

Emily recently went to Italy to attend a UNICEF gala, where she was spotted wearing a sheer Oscar de la Renta dress. Afterward, she was photographed hanging out with fellow model Jordan Barrett.