Soleil Moon Frye Shows Off Weight Loss For Her Birthday

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Soleil Moon Frye celebrated her 42nd birthday recently, and to mark the occasion, the actress, mother of four, and brand ambassador for Nutrisystem showed off her 42-pound weight loss.

Last week, the former Punky Brewster actress hung out with friends in Venice Beach, California, doing some shopping, getting spa treatments, lounging by the pool, and of course, enjoying adult beverages.

soleil moon frye lost a lot of weight
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Like a lot of moms do, Soleil had some issues putting her pregnancy weight behind her after the birth of her third child in 2015. She teamed up with Nutrisystem, the company that provides weight-loss products and services, to take the baby weight off.

Unfortunately, after giving birth to her fourth child, Story, she was unable, once again, to get rid of those baby pounds, so she teamed up with Nutrisystem once again.

“After Story was born, I knew I wanted to join Nutrisystem again to help me lose the baby weight since it worked so well the first time. This last year, I’ve been focused on keeping up with my health habits and wanted to get those last few pounds off. I’m excited to say that I am finally at my goal weight of 42 pounds lost! For me, it’s about feeling like my best self and I feel better than now I did in my 20’s.”

soleil moon frye lost weight
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The actress and director also makes it a point to teach her kids healthy eating habits.

“I’m also a busy mom of four beautiful kids and I know I need to lead by example so I’m not going to starve myself in front of them. We love cooking as a family, and being able to teach my kids about food is a great way for me to stay on track, but also show them that mommy is healthy and happy.”

Of course, there’s more to weight loss than just eating right: You have to stay active as well. And like a lot of celebrities, Soleil has access to a trainer who helps her keep in shape.

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Though she’s best known for playing the precocious Punky Brewster back in the middle 80s, there’s more to Soleil Moon Frye than just her days as a child star. Once she put her child-acting days behind her, she found consistent work in the industry as a voice actor and has also done some directing and screenwriting.

She hopes that her recent weight loss will inspire other women to stay healthy as well.

“Feeling so great and being genuinely content and happy really made this birthday extra special. I hope I can inspire other mothers to make time for themselves and take steps toward living happier, healthier lives.”