Zachary Quinto Stars In ‘Dog Eat Dog’ Adoption Video

Zachary Quinto and the team at PETSAMI, a pet and animal entertainment network that advocates embracing your inner animal instincts, have released a cute animal adoption film on YouTube.

The film stars the Star Trek actor alongside Philip Baker Hall, and Sharon Wilkins and the short it titled Dog Eat Dog.

According to PETSAMI:

“Dog Eat Dog” is a short film based on the true story of how actor/producer Zachary Quinto finally adopted his first dog in a Los Angeles Animal Shelter. During the events of his hilarious trials in attempting to adopt a shelter animal, Sian Heder, the film’s director was there by his side. Taking notes. Preparing a great dinner party story. And that story, told on countless occasions, eventually evolved into the script. “Dog Eat Dog” is a twisted, fun, morality tale about the lengths to which some of us will go in order to get what we want.

Yes the film is an exaggerated account of Zachary Quinto’s own experience while adopting a dog but its also cute and worth a watch.

David Beebe, SVP and General Manager of Fishbowl’s Digital Studio, says of the production:

“I am thrilled to be able to partner with Zachary and Before The Door Pictures to distribute Dog Eat Dog as it reflects the original and inspirational programming that our audiences love … Dog Eat Dog allows us to continue to provide great and relevant content for our audience, as well as more cross-promotion opportunities with Revision3. It also allows the film to reach new and engaging audiences and hopefully inspire others to adopt dogs that are looking for a loving and forever home.”

Here is the full Dog Eat Dog video starring Zachary Quinto: