‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Kiki’s Case Reaches A Verdict, Robert Questions Valentin, And Franco Blasts Ava

Omar VegaInvision/AP Images

The truth about Kiki and Griffin’s night together has finally emerged and it’s causing all sorts of chaos. General Hospital spoilers tease that the fallout coming during Tuesday’s show will be epic and there’s a lot of great stuff on the way. What else can viewers expect?

Griffin approached Ava after leaving the courtroom and tried to apologize and explain what happened with Kiki. She wasn’t having it, and she ominously told him that he’d soon realize what it means to be sorry. Previews for the August 14 show hint that Ava may get some pushback from Franco on all of this, however. He’ll tell her that what she’s getting is just a fraction of what she deserves and he’ll add that it’s long overdue.

While Franco may be giving Ava a piece of his mind during this next episode, General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps note that he’ll also be apologizing to someone. It may be Kiki he talks with, or Ava, but he did create a big mess in this situation and Soap Central shares that he’ll do his best to smooth things over wherever and however he can.

The trial has been an intense one, and General Hospital spoilers detail that the judge will reveal a decision has been made. Kiki will be quite anxious heading into these final moments, and it seems that Alexis will put her best foot forward to keep the focus on the facts of the case. As they wait for the verdict, Elizabeth will catch up with Griffin and seemingly learn all the sordid details about the courtroom chaos.

Viewers now know who the mystery patient is that Finn is supposed to help: Cassandra Pierce. Actress Jessica Tuck is returning to the role and this will definitely shake things up for Finn, Anna, and Valentin. General Hospital spoilers suggest that Robert may start to make the connection that Valentin could be tied to Anna’s disappearance and he’ll be pressuring him for information.

Tuesday’s episode will also include some emotional moments involving Carly and Michael. Carly will tell her son that they need to work on funeral arrangements for baby Jonah, and this will surely be difficult for Michael to face. General Hospital spoilers for the week have hinted at an emotional explosion coming from Michael and there is no doubt that heartbreaking scenes are on the way.

Will the bombshell from Griffin lead to Kiki losing her case? Where are things headed next with this Finn and Anna situation? General Hospital spoilers indicate that there are wild developments on the way and viewers will not want to miss any of the action.