'Big Brother 17' Finale Spoilers: Producers Could Have A Hand In Helping Vanessa Win It All

The Big Brother 17 finale is one the way, but spoilers circulating online indicate that producers may have already picked the winner.

This year's competition comes down to Steve, Liz, and Vanessa. Fans watching online believe that the poker star Vanessa, who has expertly played the game and manipulated results, may have an additional edge.

On the show's live feeds this week, Liz appeared to admit to Steve that producers helped her with a question on the second part of the three-part final Head of Household competition. Though she still got it wrong, many fans thought that the help meant producers were trying to help Vanessa move to the finale (Steve has already said he wouldn't be taking her).

Celeb Dirty Laundry sheds light on the motive behind the possible Big Brother 17 spoiler.

"CDL reported last week that the game was allegedly rigged in Vanessa's favor. She has a CBS TV show, "Poker Face" set to air later in fall. TPTB wanted to secure a win for her in order to help promote her show. Is it possible that the show isn't un-scripted reality TV anymore? The casting director used more recruited players than ever before – ten out of 16 players. The recruited players – Liz and Vanessa- could have been coached prior to going into the house."

This would certainly not be the first time that Big Brother producers have been accused of influencing the final decision. In the past, fans have accused executive producer Alison Grodner of playing favorites, manipulating contests, and even pushing other contestants to keep in fan favorites or controversial players.

But it is difficult to influence the end result, which involves evicted houseguests who often carry grudges. Even producer Rich Meehan admitted he didn't know which way the Big Brother 17 finale would go.

He discussed the finale with the Hollywood Reporter.

"We have no idea how she's going to answer questions and deal with that jury, but the one thing we find interesting is she played a really amazing game, but at times she doesn't own it, so we're interested to see what she does when that happens. Is she going to own it and say she has controlled the game and controlled a lot of the evictions this summer, or is she going to downplay it saying, 'No, I really like everybody!' She has flip-flopped back and forth, and if she owns it, the jury might respect that. If she doesn't own it, then I don't know how they'll react, so it's really interesting — her going into the finals."

Fans who want to see if the Big Brother 17 finale spoilers can tune in Wednesday night to CBS to see who wins it all.

[Image via CBS/Big Brother 17 live stream]