The Hottest Female Cops On Instagram Have The Right To Remain Sexy


When people think of police officers, they don’t necessarily think of them outside of their job. The fact is, cops are people, too. They have active and rich lives when they aren’t in uniform. There’s no better evidence of this than just taking a few minutes to browse social media where a slew of hashtags talking about all kinds of things that cops do in their personal time, along with loads of pictures of them doing it, are easy to find. This is especially true of female cops that are keeping it really fit. Needless to say, it is especially true that when some female cops let their hair down, literally, they look like an entirely different person than when they are in uniform.

A perfect example of this is Adrienne Koleszar, 33, a senior German police officer who has had her name tossed around as possibly being the sexiest female cop in the world. While some police officers in other countries have at times run into problems with the brass for posting sexy pictures online, that has not been a problem for Koleszar. According to Next Shark, her superiors have given her the green light to keep posting her sexy pics, so long as they are decent. Her Instagram following is 539,000 supporters strong, and she has a popular YouTube channel as well where she discusses fitness, healthy eating, and random topics related to leading a happier life.

Officer Haley Drew is a police officer in Fort Worth, Texas, and has been on the beat for about two years now, according to CBS Detroit. Her social media photos wearing a bikini, Daisy Dukes, and assorted other sexy attire were so hot that Maxim Magazine even took notice. That attention helped her Instagram account balloon to over 210,000 followers because as they said, if you have to be arrested, she’s the one you want doing it.

“If we ever had to be placed in handcuffs, we’d definitely want officer Haley Drew to do the honors.”

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New York police officer Samantha Sepulveda is one of the hottest cops on any beat around the world. Unlike some female police officers who have had a lot of support from their superiors to post sexy photos online, Sepulveda caught a bit of flak when she began modeling for extra money and posting shots from her photo shoots online. She’s been on the job since 2010, and after cooler heads prevailed, she was given the okay to keep posting so long as it didn’t reflect poorly on the department. The Dominican-born beauty is keeping Long Island safe and looking good doing it, according to Maxim.

While there are loads of sexy female cops on Instagram and social media in general, these ladies have generated some of the biggest fan followings and press. While it might seem like a good idea to get arrested by one of these ladies, that is better off left in the fantasy world, and as always, if you see these ladies working their beat, leave them alone to do their job. Be respectful and appreciative that they are helping keep our streets safe.