‘The Proposal’ Update: Tommy Taylor Jr. ‘Proposes’ To Dr. Celine Thum, Show Shares Couple’s Current Status

Byron CohenABC

During Monday night’s episode of ABC’s The Proposal, viewers watched as Dr. Celine Thum chose Tommy Taylor Jr. While not all of the couples from this debut season of the series have remained together after filming, so far, a surprisingly significant number of the pairs are still in a relationship. Is that the case for Celine and Tommy as well?

After Monday’s show, an update on Celine and Tommy was shared via The Proposal show’s Twitter page. They said that Thum and Taylor are still dating and are having a great time getting to know one another. The post included four pictures showing Tommy and Celine together at various events and it looks like they have been having a blast together since filming their episode.

Thum also shared an update on her relationship with Taylor via her Instagram page. The post showed a beach with a heart written in the sand with both their names in it, as well as a photo of the two eating together at a restaurant in New York. While Tommy had shared some posts on social media teasing his Proposal appearance, so far, he hasn’t added any updates about still being with Celine.

Could this Proposal relationship go the distance? It does look as if Celine and Tommy have some things working in their favor. Viewers immediately saw them as a good match, and they aren’t facing a horrible challenge in terms of maintaining a long-distance relationship from the looks of things. Thum is based in New York City, while it seems that Taylor’s events remain centered around the Maryland and Washington, D.C. area. They may not be exactly next-door neighbors, but most would say this seems to be a manageable situation.

In addition, as Heavy notes, both Taylor and Thum are well-educated and have established professional lives. Tommy graduated from Carnegie Mellon University with degrees in drama, public policy, and computer engineering, and he also got an MBA from Howard University. He’s appeared in several films and television shows and he has also created his own production company.

For her part, Celine graduated from the University of Illinois at Chicago with a bachelor’s degree in chemistry and she also got a bachelor’s in statistics and operations research. Thum currently practices at the Jamaica Hospital Medical Center and has some sports-related medical gigs as well.

Both of these Proposal stars are multi-talented, ambitious, and looking for love, and fans think this pairing has some great potential. Will Dr. Celine Thum and Tommy Taylor Jr. be able to take their reality television connection and transition it into a lasting real-world romance? It looks like they’re off to a great start and fans are definitely rooting for them.