Stormy Daniels Set To Join ‘Celebrity Big Brother,’ And Already Bookies Are Giving Odds On Her Winning

Damairs Carter / MediaPunch / IPXAP Images

Stormy Daniels will be joining the cast of the U.K. edition of Celebrity Big Brother! The adult-film actress and thorn in the side of Donald Trump will be among a group that has long been rumored to possibly include Samantha Markle as well.

As Deadline reports, Stormy (real name: Stephanie Clifford) will be joining Kirstie Alley and other houseguests (more on that in a few paragraphs) on the upcoming edition of the show.

By just about any standard, getting Stormy on the show was a major “get,” as they say in the celebrity industry. And rumors are that none other than Donald Trump is worried that Stormy will reveal “too much” during her time in the Big Brother house.

So who will be joining Stormy on Celebrity Big Brother? And, more importantly, what are the odds of them winning? And by the way, the “odds of them winning” isn’t just a thought experiment: The United Kingdom’s gambling laws are a lot more freewheeling than those of the U.S., and betting on the outcome of TV shows is not only perfectly legal, it’s a popular hobby. Legal bookmakers, online casinos, and brick-and-mortar casinos will happily take bets on such things.

Here are the official cast and their current (as of this writing) odds, courtesy of The Sun.

Ryan Thomas (3:1)

For those not familiar, Ryan is an actor in the popular British soap opera Coronation Street.

Dan Osborne (4:1)

Not unlike Kim Kardashian, Dan is famous for being famous, as the old saying goes. He started out as a model and has since made a career in reality TV, as well as having a salacious personal life, which you can read all about here, via The Sun.

Roxanne Pallett (5:1)

Roxanne is a singer, dancer, and occasional actress. Like Dan Osborne, however, her career has consisted mostly of reality TV jobs.

Stormy Daniels (6:1)

British odds-makers are apparently long (see what we did there?) on Stormy’s chances.

Gabby Allen (7:1)

Gabby is a dancer, “health fanatic,” and celebrity fitness instructor.

Natalie Nunn (10:1)

Natalie joins Kirstie and Stormy as the American “celebrities” appearing on this season. Like her other houseguests, she’s mostly famous for being famous, getting her start in Bad Girls Club and enjoying a busy reality TV career since then.

Kirstie Alley (12:1)

Unlike most of her castmates, Kirstie actually did real work in the industry, most notably her stint on Cheers. That was, of course, decades ago, and these days she’s mostly known for her weight struggles and her belief in Scientology.

Jermaine Pennant (14:1)

Jermaine is a soccer player known as much for his off-the-field antics as his skill on the pitch. Right now he’s unsigned, so he’ll have plenty of time to devote to the show while his peers are playing soccer (or “football,” if you prefer).

Rodrigo Alves (14:1)

“The Human Ken Doll” is, well, a man who underwent multiple plastic surgeries to look like a doll. Really.

Ben Jardine (14:1)

The multi-millionaire property tycoon is now a hot reality TV property, thanks to his appearance on Married At First Sight.

Chloe Ayling (14:1)

The only cast member who is known for being the victim of a crime, Chloe is an Instagram model who was kidnapped by an Italian crime syndicate and held for a few days before being freed.

Nick Leeson (16:1)

Whereas Chloe is a crime victim, Nick is a criminal: The investment banker and motivational speaker did time behind bars for fraudulent trading.

Sally Morgan (16:1)

The psychic famously worked for Princess Diana. Doubtless, Sally already knows who is going to win.

Celebrity Big Brother begins on August 18.