Kim Fields And Mindy Cohn Reunite For Memorial Service For ‘Facts Of Life’ Co-Star Charlotte Rae

Larry BusaccaGetty Images

Facts of Life stars Kim Fields and Mindy Cohn have reunited to say goodbye to their longtime co-star, Charlotte Rae. The former child stars delivered eulogies at the memorial service for the 92-year-old actress who played Mrs. Garrett on the NBC sitcom from 1979 to 1986.

One week after Charlotte Rae passed away from cardiac arrest, Kim Fields and Mindy Cohn attended a memorial service for the beloved Facts of Life star held in Los Angeles. Rae’s memorial service was presided over by Rabbi Cantor Didi Thomas and it concluded with attendees at the service singing the song “Unforgettable” in tribute to the late star, Yahoo Entertainment reports.

Cohn and Fields were reportedly the only original Facts of Life co-stars in attendance at the service. Both women delivered eulogies for their TV housemother. Cohn, who played Eastland School student Natalie Green on the NBC hit, posted a portion of her eulogy to Instagram, describing it as her “final love letter to Charlotte.”

“It was more emotional than anticipated” Cohn wrote. “I’m wearing a scarf that was Char’s. We were all gifted one from the family before the services started.”

Fields, who played Tootie Ramsey on the show, also posted a video of her remarks at Rae’s “glorious” memorial service while wearing one of the late star’s favorite scarves. You can see the Facts of Life stars as they pay tribute to Charlotte Rae below.

There was reportedly no mention of fellow Facts of Life co-stars Lisa Whelchel or Nancy McKeon at the memorial service, but in an essay for the Hollywood Reporter, Whelchel, who played rich girl Blair Warner on the NBC sitcom, revealed that she had reached out to her former co-stars following Charlotte Rae’s passing.

“What was most meaningful to me in processing this is realizing that we were a little family. Especially when you grow up together — and she was such a big part of those growing-up years — we need each other right now to process this,” Whelchel wrote. ” We will make an effort to reunite. I’m doing my best to make it to the memorial service. Hopefully, the others will, too. But we’ve also talked about that, if we can’t, we can get together on our own and memorialize her from our little Hollywood-stage-family perspective.”

A few days before Charlotte Rae’s death, talk of a surprising Facts of Life reboot produced by Leonardo DiCaprio and Jessica Biel began making headlines. But Mindy Cohn and Kim Fields lightened up their somber day by posing together after Charlotte Rae’s memorial service to propose a new series of their own: Women in Black.