CSI: NY Star Gets DUI: Carmine Giovinazzo Thanks Officers After Arrest

CSI: NY star Carmine Giovinazzo got a DUI this weekend in Scottsdale, Arizona and apparently it was a very pleasant encounter for the police officers.

Giovinazzo repeatedly apologized to the officers and thanked them for treating him with respect.

The Scottsdale officer who made the arrest, said:

“(Giovinazzo) repeatedly apologized to me and told me he didn’t want to be an ‘a**hole.’ (He) thanked me many times for not treating him like a criminal and showing him respect.”

TMZ reports that the CSI: NY star was arrested for a DUI on January 21 at about 2:30 in the morning. Carmine was allegedly “swerving all over the road” before police pulled him over.

Giovinazzo immediately apologized to the officers and told them that he was driving erratically because he had gotten lost. When officers asked the actor if he had been drinking Carmine replied that he had been drinking scotch at the hotel.

And Carmine wasn’t lying. His blood alcohol level reportedly came in at .149, nearly twice the legal limit.

Are you a fan of Carmine Giovinazzo? Are you impressed that he was so polite with the officers? Or does the fact that he was driving while under the influence outweigh any amount of good manners?

[Image Via Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com]