Male Model, George Koh, Is Found Guilty Of Murdering Rival After Instagram Row

Met Police

British catwalk model, George Koh, 24, has been found guilty at the Old Bailey of fatally stabbing the English model, Harry Uzoka, 25, through the heart. Leading up to the killing, Koh has become “increasingly obsessed” with the more successful male model.

According to the New York Post, an Instagram row broke out after the more successful Uzoka accused Koh of being a “fake.” It is believed the dispute initially stemmed from Koh trying to replicate Uzoka’s look in order to garner more work. The social media dispute escalated from there.

While the pair feuded on social media, the tipping point seemed to be when Koh started claiming he had slept with the girlfriend of Uzoka, Ruby Campbell, who is also a model, according to BBC News. The Mirror cites that it was as a result of Koh’s accusations of sleeping with his rival’s girlfriend that Uzoka agreed to meet with Koh outside his Shepherd’s Bush, West London home on January 11.

The incident had been pre-arranged via a “photo-sharing site” according to the Guardian. And, it appeared that both men came prepared for a brawl. Uzoka reportedly appeared outside his home with a dumbbell bar as protection. Koh brought two knives. Both men also had people accompany them.

Parts of the resulting scuffle was caught on video. The fight lasted only two minutes and ended once Uzoka was fatally stabbed.

During the trial, it was claimed that Koh purposely stabbed Uzoka, causing his death. However, Koh insisted that Uzoka fell on him during the scuffle and accidentally also landed on the knife, killing himself, rather than his death being the direct result of Koh. The jury has disagreed, though, and Koh was found guilty of murder.

During the closing statement, prosecutor Richard Horwell told the jury that Koh “plainly had an obsession with Harry Uzoka.”

“He even suggested to one witness that they were on a similar level in the modeling world. And that was not true. Whatever was going in Koh’s mind … was festering into an unhealthy and toxic mix.”

Of the two men that accompanied the male models, Merse Dikanda, 24, was “also found guilty of murder,” according to the Guardian. However, Jonathan Okigbo, 24, was “cleared of the same offense but convicted of manslaughter.”

Uzoka was considered “the country’s most famous black model,” during the trial. He was known for his work with companies such as Mercedes and Zara.

Sentencing will occur on September 21 and George Koh potentially faces a life behind bars as a result of his conviction.