Fans Can’t Get Over How Much Baby Miles Looks Like John Legend In Chrissy Teigen’s Latest Instagram Video

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Like father, like son!

Currently, Chrissy Teigen, her husband John Legend, and their two kids — Miles and Luna — are enjoying what appears to be a relaxing getaway in Bali. Since the couple jetted off halfway across the world, Teigen has been keeping up with her tradition of posting a ton of Instagram photos for her loyal followers.

Today, the mother of two shared a sweet photo of her infant son, Miles. In the adorable video, Chrissy tickles her son’s ears as he lays on her lap and coos. At some points in the video, the little one even smiles as his mom talks to him in a soft baby voice. The youngster looks cute as can be in a black and white striped shirt along with a pair of cozy grey and white shorts with a red waistband.

Though Teigen’s face cannot be seen in the video, her manicured nails and motherly voice appear front and center in the short little clip. So far, the model’s post has earned her a lot of attention from her 19-million-plus followers with over 434,000 views in addition to 1,500 comments.

Many fans could not get over how much baby Miles looks like his famous father while countless other fans noticed a resemblance to Teigen. Then, of course, some fans just used the opportunity to chime in and let Chrissy know that her son is absolutely adorable.


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“He looks exactly like John!”

“Literally the perfect mix of mom and dad. So cute,” another fan wrote.

“He is a splitting image of his daddy,” one more chimed in.

Since the birth of her daughter Luna two years ago, Teigen has been incredibly open and honest with fans about her journey with IVF to get pregnant with both children. According to the Huffington Post, Teigen, who often interacts with fans on social media, confessed that Miles was also conceived using IVF, just like his big sister.

“Yep, he was on ice a smidge longer. Science and the human body are beautiful. I wasn’t offended by it – people are just curious and I think hearing success stories gives people hope. I’m all for talking about IVF.”

And Teigen had previously shared that her first IVF journey didn’t work out as she had hoped.

“The first round I did of IVF when it didn’t work, I remember thinking, ‘Oh, I was on my feet too much, and that’s why.’ You just look for anything to blame, especially yourself. I think hearing stories is just really important. You realize there’s no right way to do it or right way to react,” she confessed.

Now, Chrissy is proud mama to two beautiful children.