Shannon Beador Calls Boobs ‘Deflated Balloons’ As She Contemplates Breast Augmentation

Alberto E. RodriguezGetty Images

Now that she’s a single woman, Real Housewives of Orange County star Shannon Beador is thinking about making some big changes.

Last season, viewers of the hit Bravo show watched Beador go through a rough patch in her relationship with her husband David. But now that the two are done for good, Beador has thrown herself back into the dating scene and wants to be sure that she feels a little more confident in her own skin. According to People, the reality star thinks that breast augmentation may serve her well. The 54-year-old has even met with a plastic surgeon already to discuss the potential surgery and details.

“My mother has been saying that I should get a boob lift because I breastfed Sophie for 26 months and the twins for 14. When I went in he said that I would have to have an implant put in,” she said in an interview with Jeff Lewis Live.

“I want them small,” Beador told the host. “I don’t need the big. That’s not me. I don’t even know [what size].”

Lewis confessed to Shannon and the show’s listeners that he didn’t think that Beador needs a breast lift, saying that she must wear a good bra all the time because her breasts always sit up so nicely. But Shannon disagreed.

“I’m throwing skin in a sling every single day. It’s just like a Calvin Klein pushup. I’m single now and my boobs are… they’re just deflated balloons a little bit.”

But like most people who undergo such a major surgery, Beador said that she does have a few reservations about the potential procedure, especially scarring. Beador told Lewis that she wouldn’t really like to see scars on her breasts following the invasive procedure. And another reservation? Shannon wants to make sure that a surgery wouldn’t cause any sensation to be lost in her breasts.

And since her very public divorce played out during the previous season of Real Housewives of Orange County, Shannon has been trying to lose the 40 lbs that she put on during the split. So far, the mother of three has already lost an impressive 25 pounds but is still chipping away at the rest. In an effort to help people like herself who are struggling with their own weight, Shannon recently launched Real for Real Cuisine by Shannon Beador.

Fans who wish to try Shannon’s new food line may purchase it at QVC. For $110, customers will get nine meals from the line, all of which are fish-based. Per the website, customers will receive “three each of zesty garlic shrimp with a blend of spaghetti squash and linguini, cream cheese and herb-stuffed salmon over rice with zucchini, and teriyaki flounder over udon noodles and broccoli.”

Real Housewives of Orange County airs on Bravo on Monday evenings.