Spoilers For ‘Bachelor In Paradise’: Colton’s Frustrated, Bibiana Supports Chris, And Tia Wants To Throw Up

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Spoilers for Bachelor in Paradise hint that Monday’s show will be filled with drama. Colton Underwood and Tia Booth are a hot topic of conversation and new sneak peeks from ABC suggest that Colton will be feeling the heat in Episode 2A. What can viewers expect?

As was shared earlier by the Inquisitr, Colton will face a barrage of questions when he returns from his date with Tia. Chris Randone, Nick Spetsas, and Jordan Kimball will supposedly worry that Underwood is playing Booth and they’ll question how Colton still feels about Bachelorette Becca Kufrin.

Unfortunately for Colton, this situation won’t end with the faceoff after the date. Bachelor in Paradise spoilers from ABC share that when Underwood tries to chat with one of the other ladies ahead of the rose ceremony, he’ll learn that he’s been the center of numerous discussions. It looks like it’ll be Angela Amezcua that he’ll be talking to, and he’ll quickly learn that some of the other contestants are essentially sabotaging his experience in Mexico.

Colton will say that he thought he was cool with the other guys, and she’ll note that some of the others were questioning whether he was ready to be there and looking for love again. Bachelor in Paradise spoilers indicate that Underwood will talk about how he sensed hesitation from her in getting to know him better, and he figures that Jordan, Chris, or Nick had talked with her to warn her off of him.

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As Underwood continues to talk to the camera, he’ll say that he thought what these guys pulled was a “b*tch move” and he wants them to keep his name out of their mouths. He’ll approach them to discuss this, and he’ll note that he wants to figure out which of the “three stooges” had been talking about him.

Another Bachelor in Paradise spoiler-filled sneak peek features Bibiana Julian talking about the Tia and Colton mess. She’ll admit that people probably wouldn’t mind all that much if Underwood ended up eliminated, and the preview shows her approaching Chris and seemingly taking his side.

Bibiana will tell Chris she’s got a soft spot for him, but she’ll warn him that he might be in a lot of trouble with the upcoming rose ceremony. Randone will ponder why any of the ladies would want to date Underwood while Booth is there, if he still has feelings for her, saying that it’s unfair to everybody. Bibi tells Chris to make an effort to talk to other girls, noting that they don’t want to see him leave.

The clips also show a moment of Tia and Annaliese together. Tia will admit that she needed to have a conversation with Colton, but she’ll also say the situation makes her want to throw up. The women are in charge with this next rose ceremony and Bachelor in Paradise spoilers suggest that things will be tense with this one.

Viewers will see new arrivals and some eliminations, and the show teased via Twitter that Yuki from Winter Games will also be joining in on the fun. However, she won’t be a contestant. Rather, she’ll be joining Wells Adams behind the bar as an additional bartender. Monday’s episode will be a wild one, and spoilers note that Tuesday’s episode of Bachelor in Paradise will be packed with chaos as well.