Reese Witherspoon Shares Photo Of Her Double, Marilee

Joe ScarniciGetty Images

In addition to having a daughter who looks just like her, Reese Witherspoon also has a double who looks just like her.

Earlier today, the mother of three took to her Instagram account to share a video of herself and Marilee, who Reese says has been her double in at least five movies. Now, Reese tells her Instagram fans that Marilee is helping her out on the upcoming season of her hit show Big Little Lies.

“Meet Marilee! She has been my double in 5 movies and now she is helping out on #BigLittleLies! Don’t we look alike?!”

Reese starts off the fun video by filming herself in what appears to be a dressing room on the set of the show. Witherspoon tells fans, “okay, I want to introduce you to someone,” as she wears a huge smile on her face and walks the camera over the her double who is standing just a few steps away.

As she gets closer to Marilee, she waves as Reese asks, “don’t we look alike?” Marilee then answers Reese’s question, saying “we totally do!”

The resemblance between the two women is uncanny with both Reese and Marilee wearing their long, blonde locks down with matching blue button-down shirts. And fans of Reese certainly agree that the pair look like twins as they have already given the cute video over 24,000 likes in addition to 400 comments within just minutes of the post going live.

“Twinning!!! Sisters from another mother!!!! WOW!!!!”

“At first glance, thought you did a face swap filter,” another fan commented.

“If Marilee is ever not available, I can be your double. People have told me my whole life that I look like you,” one more fan wrote.

As fans of the mother of three know, Reese has been busy with upcoming jobs this year. Not only will the actress set to reprise her role of Elle Woods in the iconic Legally Blonde franchise, she is also currently busy filming the second season of her hit HBO show Big Little Lies alongside Meryl Streep and Nicole Kidman.

In a recent interview with Harpers Bazaar, the 42-year-old talked about the new season of Big Little Lies, even describing her experience of being a producer on the upcoming season.

It’s an incredible feeling to work very hard to bring a production to the screen. Finding Big Little Lies as a book and then working to make it come to life has really been a dream come true. I also love getting to work with my cast and incredibly talented female costars.”

Another plus of shooting the TV series? It’s filmed in Monterey, California and Reese says that it’s home to one of the most beautiful beaches she’s ever seen.

The crew started filming the show back in March but no release date has been scheduled yet.