Meghan Markle Talked About A Sweet Childhood Tradition She Had With Her Father Thomas

Yui Mok / PoolAP Images

Meghan Markle and her father Thomas have had their fair share of problems, and although some friends of the duchess have said that tension between them is nothing new, they have known happier times. Like every adult woman, Meghan was once a little girl. Her father may have even called her princess like so many parents do with their little girls. She enjoyed things many little girls enjoy, including dancing.

Before shutting down her Instagram account, Hello! Magazine reports that Markle mentioned in a post that she took ballet and tap dance lessons as a child. In the post, she shared a black-and-white photo of a place she said they visited “after every tap & ballet class,” a Hollywood restaurant called Musso & Frank Grill. The full caption read, “I used to have lunch with my dad here after every tap & ballet class. Happy. Thank you. More please. #musso #hollywood.”

The restaurant is a Hollywood icon that’s been frequented by many stars including George Clooney, Johnny Depp, and Brad Pitt and has been featured in a handful of movies including Oceans Eleven. It’s nearly 100-years-old, having opened in 1919 and still serves traditional steakhouse fare. The style of the restaurant was intended to evoke images of classic New York restaurants and bars.

Meghan Markle is known for her love of food and often posted photos of her meals to her Instagram account. She talked about it and her Suits character to Marie Claire back in 2013.

“I love to cook. My character is a foodie because they know that I’m a foodie. I’m always on the quest to find amazing new restaurants and new recipes.”

Spending time in Hollywood as a child was natural for Markle. Her father Thomas Markle is an award-winning lighting director. He even won an Emmy for Outstanding Achievement in Design Excellence for his work on General Hospital and Married with Children. Meghan used to talk about how hard her father worked, and she grew up in the suburb of Woodland Hills that’s popular with many Hollywood stars before her parents divorced.

As Inquisitr recently reported, the royal family has become quite concerned about the state of affairs between Meghan and her father Thomas Markle. Some are speculating that things didn’t have to get as bad as they have become and that much of the current drama could have been avoided if communication between the palace and Thomas Markle had been better early on. At this point, no one is sure what it will take to bring peace to this relationship that seems to have been a happy and sweet one between father and daughter at one point.