Stephen Colbert Reveals Why He Refuses To Watch ‘Southern Charm’

Rodolfo MartinezBravo

Stephen Colbert is not at all charmed by Southern Charm. The CBS late-night host, who grew up in the James Island area of Charleston, South Carolina, recently stopped by Watch What Happens Live and told Andy Cohen he is not a fan of the massively popular Bravo reality show that is set in his hometown.

After Cohen asked Colbert is he is “aware of the show that is taking over America,” The Late Show host gave a very pointed answer aimed at one of Charleston’s most notorious residents who is also one of Southern Charm’s original stars.

“I try very hard to not be aware of anything associated with Thomas Ravenel. I’m from there, he’s a person, he’s not like this guy. Thomas Ravenel’s an actual person to me.”

Cohen asked Colbert what Ravenel’s reputation is really like in town. The Southern Charm star is currently being investigated for allegations of sexual assault, so Colbert gave a two word, sarcastic answer when describing his rep: “Just sterling.”

Colbert also lamented the concept of the show, which for five seasons has chronicled the drama-filled personal and professional lives of South Carolina socialites.

“I know people like it but I find the whole thing very depressing. The entire thing was depressing to me because we don’t want this beautiful little town to be dissected as an abattoir of morals.”

Colbert, who was born in Washington D.C. but moved to South Carolina when he was four years old, previously told Travel and Leisure about his favorite memories from growing up in Charleston.

“We’d go swimming off Sullivan’s Island,” Colbert said of his teen years in the Southern city. “Afterward, we’d walk in to local bars with any kind of fake ID—a piece of paper that just about announced you were 18—and they’d serve you a beer.”

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert host also revealed that when he returns to Charleston for a visit, a certain dish calls his name.

“I want shrimp and hominy when I’m in Charleston, at whatever place doesn’t call hominy grits,” Colbert said.

While Stephen Colbert is most certainly not a Southern Charm fan, Bravo points out that several other celebrities regularly tune in to the show. The Bravo reality show has reportedly found fans in Lady Gaga, Chrissy Teigen, Kristin Chenoweth, Dale Earnhardt Jr. and more.

You can see Stephen Colbert talking about his feeling about Bravo’s Southern Charm in the video below.