The Royal Family Is Reportedly In ‘Crisis’ Mode Over Meghan Markle’s Dad Drama

Arthur Edwards - PoolGetty Images

Meghan Markle’s father Thomas has seemingly decided that he is going to continue to speak out and generate headlines, no matter how much chaos it causes for the Duchess of Sussex. The situation started to spin out of control just ahead of her wedding to Prince Harry, and now some insiders suggest that this has become a crisis for the Royals that could have been minimized had it been handled differently.

Marie Claire shares that according to an aide who was involved in Kate Middleton and Prince William’s wedding, the handling of the Thomas Markle situation was “inept.” The aide suggests that a lot of this current drama could have been avoided if efforts had been made early on to meet with Thomas directly. Someone could have been flown to Markle’s place before all of the hoopla began and explained how things were going to work, but that wasn’t done.

The aide continued to note that efforts could have still been successful had measures been taken after Thomas started speaking to the press. For example, before Kate and William’s wedding, an uncle of hers was in the headlines due to alleged drug issues. However, royal representatives reached out to him and made it clear that he’d be invited to the wedding as long as he steered clear from the press.

The Daily Mail shares that there had been some arrangements made in June to reach out to Markle after Thomas spoke with Piers Morgan. The plan was to have a public relations person connect with Meghan’s father, but it seems that the PR person was a former journalist and that caused the plans to be scrapped. Prince Harry reportedly is wary of the media and would have resisted this plan.

Some royal aides, current and former, have apparently referred to the handling of this situation as feeble and inept. There is said to be a crisis at the Palace over this now, but some insiders believe that it’s entirely the Palace’s fault that things have become so dramatic.

How can they fix it at this point? Some believe that the most reasonable solution is to have Meghan herself meet with her father privately. However, sources acknowledge that it might be too late for even this to work.

Many inside the Palace have perceived that Thomas was essentially an afterthought during all of the wedding planning. Meghan’s half-siblings were left out as well, and some aides believe it may have ultimately been less chaotic to invite all of them to keep things from unraveling so dramatically.

Could a visit from Meghan quiet the ongoing drama with Thomas Markle? There is surely a concern about whether he would run to reporters after meeting with his daughter.

At this point, however, the Palace’s strategy on how to handle him doesn’t seem to be working and they’re apparently feeling that this is at a critical point to figure out before things get even worse. The Duchess of Sussex is said to be resistant to having any contact with her father at this point, but she may need to reconsider that stance if she wants this drama to subside.