‘General Hospital’ Weekly Spoilers: Kiki’s A Wreck, Michael’s Emotional, And Valentin Faces A Stunner

Todd WawrychukABC

General Hospital spoilers for the week of August 13 hint that things will get dramatic on several fronts. Robert is trying to find Anna and Finn while Griffin was backed into a corner on the stand in Kiki’s case against Bensch. Michael is still reeling after the accident and thinking he lost Jonah and teasers note that there’s new action with Valentin on the way.

Griffin and Kiki thought they had managed to keep their secret about having slept together under wraps, but General Hospital spoilers suggest that it’s all about to blow up in their faces. Griffin was asked under oath if he’d ever slept with Kiki and it looks like he’ll admit the truth. He’ll soon be facing a slap from Ava, and Kiki will be anxious to hear Alexis voice some confidence they can still win the case.

She Knows Soaps notes that as this moves forward, Scott will be apologizing to someone as will Franco. Kiki will be feeling anxious, naturally, and Alexis will be scrambling. Additional General Hospital spoilers share that during Wednesday’s episode she’ll be feeling cautious, but she receives bad news of some sort during Friday’s show.

Nelle may have been hauled off to jail after getting caught, but General Hospital spoilers suggest that Michael will continue to struggle for a while. He thinks his baby has died and it sounds as if he’ll have a hard time handling his emotions this week. He’ll be struggling, and Soap Central indicates that his struggles soon will lead him to be anxious to tear someone else apart.

Elizabeth will be stunned to learn of Cameron’s shoplifting and Josslyn is said to be defensive and annoyed about the situation. As the week plays out, General Hospital spoilers detail that Josslyn will be in a rotten mood, but she’ll also reach out to Sonny and do her best to clear the air on some front. Robert and Jason will be working together to find Anna and Finn, and teasers reveal that there’s drama related to the major Kevin/Ryan reveal coming too.

The week of August 13 also brings suspicions from Drew, a talk between Julian and Sonny, as well as drama from Nina and Valentin. Jordan’s going to be experiencing some trust issues and viewers can expect more banter between Drew and Margaux. General Hospital spoilers hint that every episode this week will be packed with drama and viewers have a lot to look forward to in these upcoming shows.