‘Big Brother’ Season 20’s JC Mounduix In Hot Water Again, This Time For Misuse Of #MeToo

Sonja FlemmingCBS

Big Brother star JC Mounduix may want to stop talking. The Season 20 houseguest is in hot water again, this time for his casual use of the phrase #MeToo during a conversation with several of his housemates.

TV Guide posted a clip from the CBS online live feed which shows Mounduix flippantly using the term #MeToo. While joking around about a hickey during a conversation with Brett Robinson, Angie “Rockstar” Lantry, and Haleigh Broucher, Mounduix incorrectly used the term. The 28-year-old dancer was called out by his fellow houseguests for his misuse of the sexual harassment awareness term.

After one of the houseguests told Mounduix “you can’t joke about that,” the dancer laughed and said, “I’ve been saying it for 50 days.”

The female Big Brother contestants told Mounduix they have repeatedly told him about using the phrase that way, explaining that, “The #MeToo movement is about women and sexual harassment.”

The Big Brother stars explained that the idea of #MeToo was to “bring awareness to sexual harassment, “so when you [say] hashtag Me Too it’s like because you too have been sexually harassed.” But Mounduix had his own retort.

“That’s why when people touch me I’m like, hashtag MeToo.”

It is clear that Mounduix doesn’t completely understand the importance of the term in the clip, which you can see below.

This is not the first time JC Mounduix has been in trouble in the Big Brother house. Earlier in the season, JC was caught on camera getting too close to female houseguest Kaycee Clark’s private parts with an ice cream scooper while instructing her to “open up your vagina.”

Mounduix also got into a heated debate with now-evicted houseguest Bayleigh Dayton about his use of the n-word. While Mounduix used the offensive word as part of a discussion about derogatory terms used to describe homosexuals and people of short stature, Dayton warned him, “You’re not allowed to say that. Don’t do that again.” He later apologized.

In another misstep, JC Mounduix was also caught on the CBS live feeds asking housemate Rachel Swindler if she is transgender. Mounduix asked Swindler, “are you a real girl?” and went so far as to touch the Las Vegas entertainer’s neck and tell her, “you have a big Adam’s apple.”

“There was a comment that you are trans,” Mounduix added, before admitting that he is the one who started a rumor that Swindler is transgender, according to Us Weekly.

CBS previously issued a statement that confirmed Big Brother’s producers have already addressed several disturbing incidents that were seen on the 24/7 live feed during the show’s milestone 20th season. In a statement, the network warned of “future consequences” for ill-behaving houseguests, according to E! News.

Big Brother Season 20 airs Sundays, Wednesday, and Thursdays on CBS.