OCEARCH Is Tracking a Real Life ‘Jaws’ Off The Coast Of The Hamptons

Did you ever want to track a real life ‘jaws’? Now you can, and it is off the coast in the Hamptons. The great white shark was tagged on Sept. 12, 2012 in Cape Cod.

According to data from OCEARCH, the female shark is a carcharodon carcharias, measuring 16-feet, and weighing in at 3,456-pounds.

On OCEARCH, you can track Mary Lee (yes that is the shark’s name), and she is mainly swimming somewhere in the northwest, and looking at the data the real life ‘jaws’ was right off the Hamptons today at 10:46AM, and is still lingering nearby as of this evening.

So if you live in the Hamptons, and you feel like going for a swim, you should probably reconsider; unless you want to find yourself in the grips of a real life ‘jaws’.

According to Patch, the Utah-based nonprofit organization typically tags and tracks sharks in order to better understand their behavior and habits. Chris Fischer, founding chairman of OCEARCH said:

“We hope people become more enlightened and a conversation is started, especially since we opened up this tracker for the world to see,” Fischer said. “When we think of a great white, we usually think of ‘Jaws’ music, but now people are asking what is she doing? Where is she going?” he also said. “Most of the sharks we have tagged swim out in the ocean and we don’t hear from them much, but Mary Lee is super coastal — people are following her every day,”

Will you be joining in the tracking of this real life ‘jaws’ off the Hamptons?