‘Big Brother 20:’ Another Houseguest Is Trying To Self-Evict

Sonja FlemmingCBS

Warning: This article contains potential spoilers for Big Brother Season 20.

For the second time this season, a houseguest has been threatening and trying to self-evict from the game. As the Inquisitr reported earlier in the season, now-evicted houseguest Kaitlyn Herman was the first player to threaten to walk out on the game but ended up staying only to be evicted in the same week.

Now, according to a Big Brother spoiler account on Twitter, Sam Bledsoe has been taking things to the next level regarding self-eviction. This past Thursday before the eviction of Bayleigh Dayton, Sam spent a large amount of time in the diary room speaking with producers regarding her plan to walk out of the house. With just 45 minutes before the live show aired, Sam was reportedly in the diary room for over 15 minutes, something that is extremely rare for Big Brother. Houseguests enter the diary room on eviction night much earlier in the day to record their goodbye messages for both nominees but never go in so close to airtime.

The spoiler account also detailed what happened in that diary room conversation, explaining that Sam claimed she would refuse to vote during the live show. Producers informed the welder she was not allowed to do that, which resulted in Sam breaking down in tears. She then reportedly tried to walk out of a side exit in the diary room which would disqualify her, but she was stopped by producers yet again.

Sam Bledsoe of 'BB20'
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Houseguests are not forced to stay in the Big Brother house, but Sam was convinced to stay and returned to the couch just in time for the live show. Producers apparently told her if she self-evicted that America would dislike her, but if she stayed she would be rallied behind by the viewers and become an all-time favorite.

Sam can also be seen quite often on the live feeds complaining to her fellow houseguests about being stuck in the house. This has irritated several of the other players, wondering why she would ever enter a game only to quit. However, other players like current HOH Haleigh Broucher, see Sam’s indifference as a positive for their own game. If she wants to self-evict, she has no desire to work hard and win the game, making her one less person they need to worry about beating.

If Sam eventually self-evicts, whether she would go to the jury house or not remains to be seen. If a houseguest walks out of their own volition after the jury begins, that would make the numbers in the house even, and susceptible to a tie on finale night.

To see how everything plays out with Sam, watch Big Brother every Sunday night at 8 p.m. EST, and Wednesday and Thursday night at 9 p.m. EST on CBS.