Kurt Cobain’s Daughter Shares Sexy Pool Photos

Jordan StraussAP Images

Frances Bean Cobain, daughter of Courtney Love and Kurt Cobain, uploaded pictures of herself at a pool, surviving the hot weather with her dog by her side, reports Alternative Nation. She shared three images, one of herself in the water and two of her pet dog to her Instagram account, @space_witch666.

These photos were taken and shared on social media August 11, 2018. Frances Bean Cobain captioned her photo trio with, “Hot weather opens the skull of a city, exposing its white brain, and its heart of nerves, which sizzle like the wires inside a lightbulb,” which is a quote by Truman Capote, as Cobain noted in the caption.

The first picture of Cobain in the pool, shows Frances Bean looking back at the camera with a grin on her face. Palm trees and pool-side lounge furniture can be seen in the background. Above Cobain, the sky is just as blue as the water she’s swimming in. A tattoo on the back of her right shoulder blade is visible to onlookers. That particular tattoo is one of many images that Cobain has permanently inked onto her skin. Her shoulder blade tattoo is a portrait of Dolly Parton, cites Steal Her Style.

Frances Bean Cobain reportedly has 24 tattoos total. To name only a few, Cobain also has a cross on her knuckle, writing on her bicep, a ghost tattooed to her lower back, flowers on her side, and a safety pin on her forearm. As for the Dolly Parton tattoo, owner and artist of Valentine’s Tattoo Co. in Seattle, Shannon Perry, is the person responsible for the bunny eared image of Dolly Parton’s portrait.

Her dog, still appearing to be rather young, is seen running in the second photo, then is seen chewing on what looks to be a raccoon tail in the last photo. This puppy looks like he or she could be an Australian Shepherd breed, with white fur and patches of browns and blacks scattered all over.

In the past, Frances Bean Cobain shared a photograph of her Dolly Parton tattoo and credited the artist and the tattoo parlor on her social media account. She captioned that image by writing, “Good golly miss Dolly. She’s so perfect. Thank you @shannoneperry.” The caption included the emojis of praying hands and a house.

Other news surrounding Cobain lately is her apparent break up with rocker boyfriend, Matthew Cook, which she revealed in an interview with the Independent. During that interview, Cobain opened up to Barry Egan about her evolution, accepting death, having no memories of her father, and the recent break up.