New Jersey Police Rescue Newlyweds Trapped In Flooded Car On Their Wedding Day

Some believe it’s good luck for it to rain during a wedding, but a couple in New Jersey experienced something much more dramatic. As rain poured down on Saturday on their wedding day, the bride, groom, and wedding party became trapped in a car due to high flood waters. In fact, the waters were so high that the car’s tires were completely submerged, according to NJ.

The Bogota Police Department Facebook page detailed the incident, including posting a short video that shows the bride being rescued by police. The officers drove a Humvee next to the car with the trapped wedding party. The bride can be seen in the video standing up through the sunroof. The officer grabs her shoes and puts them in his car, before helping her out of the vehicle.

On the day of the wedding, the rains came quickly with over one inch falling in one hour. A post described that, “This was not the normal flood!! This came to over 4 ft high from up stream, in less than 15 minutes!!”

Facebook users applauded the police for a job well done, while others wished the newlyweds a happy life together. Many commented that they’ll for sure never forget their wedding day, and that it’ll make for a great story later.

One user said that, “I was there when they climbed out. I couldn’t believe it was a bride and groom. I felt so bad for them.” And indeed, not many people can say that they had to be rescued from a flooded car on their wedding day. But the bride did manage to be rescued without getting her dress wet, which is a pretty great accomplishment.

The wedding party was not the only ones that had to endure the horrible flooding. One New Jersey car dealership is facing a loss of their inventory due to the floodwaters, reported New Jersey 101.5. A YouTube video shows the SUVs all floating downstream. Some get caught along the bank of the water, while other cars continue floating on. The cars can be seen getting smashed up and dented badly, as whoever is filming the shot exclaims, “Oh my God!”

This flooding is the same one that the bride and groom got stuck in, but they were luckily saved in a place where the water was not moving as fast as it was by the dealership. Many people lost power, and others were rescued by police or by other rescuers in military vehicles.