Kourtney Kardashian May Be Leaving ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians,’ Per ‘Us Weekly’

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The latest season of Keeping Up With the Kardashians premiered with a fair share of drama. In the lead up to the show, it had been revealed that Kim and older sister Kourtney have been fighting. After Kim said that Kourtney was the “least exciting to look at,” after Kourtney’s schedule prevented her from appearing in the family Christmas card. Kourtney called her sister an “evil human being,” and added that she didn’t like the kind of person she was, as Us Weekly reports.

The day after the episode premiered, the two sisters seemingly engaged in a Twitter feud in which Kim took issue with Kourtney asserting that being a mother was her priority. When Khloe tweeted that she “just wanted peace,” Kourtney lashed out at her younger sister, insisting she be honest. After several more tweets, Kourtney said that though her sisters were her “ride or die,” she doesn’t “accept the way we criticize and judge each other anymore.”

According to Elle, many found the argument staged and saw it as the sisters working to hype their new season.

But despite Kim’s tweet stating that she and her sisters are “good,” the new episode promos feature the three sisters arguing. When Kim suggests the three go to therapy, Kourtney refuses and Khloe, who took issue with Kourtney’s refusal to go to therapy, storms out of the room, telling her sister to “f**k off.”

In another clip from the episode, Kourtney says she doesn’t want to be around her sisters, saying “they just don’t have [her] back.” Kim addresses Kourtney’s behavior, saying that the mother of three “can’t commit to filming a season.” After showing a teary-eyed Kourtney saying she’s “not up for it,” the clip then features Khloe who simply says “then get out.”

Now, there is speculation that not only is Kourtney over the show, but Khloe has plans to quit as well. According to Girlfriend, a source close to Khloe said that the 34-year-old and new mother is “ready to put family first.”

The show is a full-time job that involved being filmed from the first thing in the morning until late at night. After 10 years, she’s ready for change,” the source added. Kris Jenner, the self-proclaimed momager to the Kardashian-Jenner clan, is allegedly fuming, believing that ratings may drop if any of the sisters leave the show.

But the source says that Khloe is adamant about her decision to exit the show, which first premiered in 2007.

Neither Kourtney nor Khloe addressed the rumors of their departure.