'My Little Pony' Fans And Bronies Lament The End Of An Era: BronyCon 2019 To Be The Last Gathering

Inquisitr Staff

Bronies are mourning what will soon be the end of an era. Fans of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic have only recently concluded what will be the next to last BronyCon, with the final one taking place in Baltimore during the summer of 2019. For anyone unfamiliar with who bronies are, a brony is a person that falls outside of the show's normal target demographic which is little girls. Surprisingly, the show amassed a rather large following of adults, both male and female. While brony is a combination of the words "bro" and "pony," it refers to anyone that isn't a little girl, and not just grown men as many people often think.

The first BronyCon took place in New York in 2011, attracting around 100 convention goers. In 2013, BronyCon moved to Baltimore and has been there ever since, with peak attendance for the event reaching around 10,000 convention goers in 2015 according to the Baltimore Sun. Since then, however, attendance has slowly been declining, and the fandom doesn't seem as energized about the event as it once was. With that in mind, Sheva Goldberg, who is co-chair of the board that oversees BronyCon, made the announcement at this year's event, that 2019 would be the last hurrah for the annual gathering of bronies.

"It's something that we really deliberated at length. We've decided to put everything we have into one last incredible year. We have a couple of guests we've been trying to get, and we have some unique plans, especially for Thursday. There are going to be a whole bunch of things that have never been done before. Baltimore has been the best home for BronyCon that we could have imagined. I am so happy to be able to throw one last event in Baltimore. That's where our heart is."

Goldberg and Eliana Summers, Goldberg's co-chair, were reported by The Star as saying they wanted to go out with a bang, rather than be a fire that slowly dwindles into embers. With the expanded convention dates and promise of more to do at the event, it sounds like they are doing everything to make the final BronyCon one to remember.