Rita Ora Wishes Cara Delevingne A Happy Birthday With Risque Throwback

Anthony HarveyGetty Images

Rita Ora killed two birds with one stone earlier today putting on a risque show for her 13.7 million followers while wishing her bestie Cara Delevingne a happy birthday.

On her Instagram story, Rita shared throwback photo from 2014 photo shoot with Glamour Magazine. Ora bares it all wearing Glamour branded duct tape across her chest instead of a top. Demonstrating just how close the duo are, Cara is photographed leaning over and playfully licking Rita on the bust.

“Happy birthday my crazy,” the 27-year-old captioned the photo following it with a picture of a pineapple. “With whom I’ve shared many fun memories with.”

As Daily Mail reminds us – and those who follow Cara and Rita on social media know – the two have bonded over several very saucy nights over the course of their long-term friendship. The two have always heavily supported each other on their various projects.

Born on August 12, 1992 in Hammersmith, London, United Kingdom, Delevingne turned 26-years-old today.

Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner also took to their Instagram stories to pay tribute to Cara. Kendall took a trip down memory lane sharing a series of throwback photos of her and Cara.

In one photo, Kendall captioned it “our first day together” followed with several green hearts as she documented her very first photo shoot with Cara. “I love you so much!!! CaKe FOREVER,” she captioned a second photo.

Daily Mail reports Cara and Rita did have a bit of a falling out in their friendship back in 2013 during a fashion party. Sources close to the duo have since revealed the girls were working on rebuilding their relationship.

Kendall was also rumored to have a bit of a falling out with Cara. Relationship tension in the past, however, didn’t stop Cara from receiving a collection of star-studded birthday wishes.

Gigi posted a photo of herself and Cara in a sweet embrace with the caption, “Happy happy happy birthday to you my C-baby.” In the caption, she also gave Delevingne her love and hoped she had the best time celebrating her special day.

Cara’s older sister Poppy shared a picture on Instagram of the pair in a warm embrace with radiating smiles on their faces as she wished her younger sister happy birthday.

“HAPPY MAGICAL BUBSIE DAY little one,” she captioned the photo. “We love you above & beyond measure… (it’s just so easy celebrating YOU).”

Poppy’s 1.3 million Instagram followers filled the photo with a combination of comments praising the sisters on looking great and wishing Cara a happy birthday.

Delevingne shared her collection of birthday wishes on her own Instagram story for her 41.2 million followers to see.