Crocs Has Shut Down Their Last Factory, And Are Carrying Out Plans To Shut Down Many Of Their Stores

David SilvermanGetty Images

No one can deny the fact that Crocs are a special kind of ugly. However, no one can also deny how useful and versatile they are, either.

Created as the perfect warm-weather shoe, they’re perfect for summer days and spring romps. Children loved them because they were easy to slip on and off, and parents loved them because they were easy to clean at the end of the day.

While they weren’t exactly fashionable, people loved them. Little charms were created and sold to go in the shoes’ air-holes, and the wide variety of colors made them highly customizable. They were America’s favorite until they weren’t.

The shoes’ silly design caught up with them, and people quickly decided that they were out of style and unattractive. Crocs has since expanded their selection, offering more footwear for less, and they’ve stayed afloat.

Despite being up 4.7 in the second quarter of 2017, Crocs has recently announced that they’re closing their last production plant in Italy. According to the Tampa Bay Times, they plan on ceasing production of the famous shoes and are closing many of their stores across the globe.

The stores were more of a hindrance than a help to the company, so it’s no surprise that they’re doing away with them.

“The stores were a real drag to the business in those colder weather months where people aren’t looking to buy Crocs,” an analyst told CNN.

So far, Crocs has shut down over twenty of their stores across the globe. Featured image credit: David SilvermanGetty Images

Fans of the shoe shouldn’t worry, however. BusinessWire published a news release that reported Croc’s recent success. They’ve grown 4.7 percent over the past year, with no signs of stopping. Even though Crocs aren’t exactly everyone’s favorite shoe anymore, they’re not dead yet.

In fact, new management and a marketing campaign with Drew Barrymore seems to have revitalized the company, putting them back in the limelight. Athletes have been seen wearing the shoes after games, and college students are quickly picking up the comfortable shoe for lazy days.

While Crocs’ shutdown is raising a lot of questions, there hasn’t been news about them going under. So far, they seem to be doing well.

While much of their manufacturing will be handed over to third parties, they plan on making many new designs in the future. They also plan on replacing their personally-owned stores with better contracts with larger chains.

Despite the misleading nature of this news, it might just mark a new horizon for the company. Who knows, maybe they’ll make a comeback as our favorite shoe.