Why Is Apple’s Stock (AAPL) Still In The Red?

Well it looks like Apple’s stock (AAPL) is still in the negative since earning reports came out last week, though the stock has risen a bit, it is still much lower than it was over a week ago.

When we took a look at Apple’s stock (AAPL) last week, the stock had taken a dramatic 12% dive in stock value overnight. However the earnings reports were not bad, as a matter of fact it was the second highest earning ever reported by a U.S. corporation at $13.1 billion as reported by CNNMoney.

It seems that though the current status of the company wouldn’t lend to worries, most investors are looking to the future as they usually do.

The worry comes from the fact that there is a dropping interest in Apple products, mainly the iPhone and the iPad.

With many individuals looking to older versions of these devices at a fraction of the price, it makes it less likely for consumers to purchase newer versions.

In addition, competition is picking up on the open market, and Apple products are no longer exceptional or unique, thus causing a drop in Apple’s stock due to anticipated drop in demand for the company’s premium priced devices.

Looking at Apple’s Stock (AAPL) over the last few days it seems that there might be a slight upswing in stock value, however it is unknown how much it will increase in value, and if it will recover to pre-last week values, and possibly increase in value as it should have with earning reports being extremely good.

Are you going to keep or sell your Apple stock (AAPL)?