Queen’s Relatives Killed In South Africa Car Crash While Returning From A Safari

Two female relatives of Queen Elizabeth have been killed in a head-on collision in South Africa. The deceased have been identified as 53-year-old Louise Sword and her daughter, 13-year-old Tabitha Sword. The Sun reports that Louise’s brother, 55-year-old Tim Taylor, is married to Queen Elizabeth’s cousin Lady Helen Taylor. Tabitha was declared dead at the scene of the accident while Louise died later at the hospital.

Louise and Tabitha Sword are said to have been returning from a holiday safari with family when the accident occurred. The family was likely heading to their lodge near Durban. The crash is believed to have happened when a car traveling in the fast lane stopped, causing the 60-year-old female driver of a Mercedes to swerve and send them head-on into Sword’s oncoming SUV. It occurred in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. Also in the SUV were Louise’s husband, 53-year-old Alistair, and son, 11-year-old Benjamin. Both of them were cut out of the vehicle and airlifted to a hospital in Durban. All were said to have been wearing their seatbelts. Alistair and Benjamin are in critical but stable condition. The driver of the Mercedes died at the scene shortly after the arrival of paramedics.

Lady Helen Taylor is the daughter of the Duke of Gloucester and a former fashion ambassador to Giorgio Armani, according to OK! Magazine UK. She is number 40 in line to the royal throne. Her husband Tim Taylor is an art dealer and owns a gallery near Hyde Park in central London. It’s located across the street from the Connaught Hotel, an award-winning luxury hotel.

Lady Helen Taylor was in the news prior to the recent wedding of Prince Harry to Meghan Markle because she was among the young royals who were not invited to the affair, according to Fox News. The royal nuptials took place at St. George’s Chapel that can hold about 800 people, but only about 600 were invited. Prince Harry’s father Prince Charles reportedly made the decision to not invite so many royal relatives. It’s said that he prefers a smaller crowd for such occasions. One source said that many from the Kent and Gloucester families were not present. They did not want to be named because “we’re not allowed to say it,” adding that they could “get into trouble if I’m the one who says it.” Princess Diana’s family was involved in the wedding, and all three of her siblings were in attendance.