Britain Is Being Invaded By Drunken, Aggressive Wasps


With the warmer season, flying insects are on the rise. However, England is having a season full of abnormally mean-spirited wasps. They’re disturbing picnics, invading homes, and even attacking people.

According to Metro, there has already been two victims to the wasp invasion. Twin boys Luca and Romy Muller were attacked by the insects, and their injuries were so severe that they had to be rushed to the hospital to receive antihistamine treatment.

Specialists say that the wasps are only going to get more aggressive as the warm season continues, but why?

As queen wasps wake up from their hibernation, they send out scouts to find food for the larvae. Once the hive has grown to full size, the queen stops laying eggs. This leaves the wasps with no reliable food source, forcing them to go find food themselves.

This leads them straight to your picnic table and doorstep.

This year’s warm season has caused the queens to wake up earlier than usual, which means they’ll be around a lot longer than usual. The heat wave has also caused fruit to rot, which causes it to ferment in the hot sun. Wasps feed on this and get “drunk,” which only fuels their aggression.

wasp nest with wasps
Pest control companies are being called to remove upwards of eight nests per day. Featured image credit: KloxKloxPixabay

While this is a problem for England residents, it’s great for pest companies. Usually, professionals only had to remove one or two nests per day. Now, they’re removing anywhere from eight to 15.

Sam Devereux, one of the people behind London’s leading wasp removal companies, told interviewers that this has been one of the busiest years in his career. “We have seen the best year in the seven years I’ve been in the industry,” he told the Telegraph.

Until a frost hits and kills off the wasps, all we can do is wait for the invasion to pass. This can take a few months, especially with the heat wave. Specialists recommend wearing long sleeves, pants, and shoes when you go outside. While this sounds like an invitation for heat stroke, it can save you from a nasty sting — or an allergic reaction.

If you encounter wasps, don’t flail about and swing your arms. This will only agitate them and make their attacks more aggressive. Simply stay calm and get away, and try to go indoors if possible. The best course of action is avoidance, so make sure to stock up on insect repellent sprays for the rest of the summer.