‘Counting On’ Preview: Babymoon On Frozen Lake And Birth Of Baby Vuolo

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A new episode of Counting On is coming up on Monday night and it will highlight more Duggar babies. That isn’t surprising with 19 kids growing up and getting married. What is surprising is that Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo waited for a year before they got pregnant. That is outside of the box for this family. Now fans will be able to watch the birth of Felicity Nicole Vuolo on a special birth episode of the TLC reality show.

The Counting On preview, that can be found on their official Facebook page, also revealed that in addition to Felicity’s birth, Joy and Austin Forsyth will be taking a babymoon right before their first child’s arrival. The show doesn’t do things in order. They usually air weddings before they show the prep for the nuptials. They do the same with babies. Viewers have already seen little Gideon Forsyth enter the world, so this is the time leading up to his birth.

The clip shows Joy in her third trimester hopping into a small boat with her husband. They are both wearing winter coats so you know that it is chilly. Then you happen to see the lake that they will be taking the boat out on and you have to wonder what is up with that. The icy lake may not be the best place to be for a very pregnant Joy. Austin was looking for a little romance out on the water, but he described it as more of the Titanic.

Joy was ready to head back to shore when the boat got stuck as Austin is seen trying to chip away at the ice. Duggar fans will be able to see what happens next on Monday’s episode of Counting On.

In addition, Jinger and Jeremy will be heading to the hospital in San Antonio when the first-time mom goes into labor. She not only has Jeremy by her side but also both sets of parents. Sister Jana Duggar, and her best friend, Laura, were also on hand to help out.

The network already had the birth episode up on the TLC Go app for Duggar fans to be able to watch before it aired on TV. Now it will be a part of this week as well for anyone who has yet to see it, or for those who want to see it again.

The rest of this season of Counting On will include the courtship and engagement of Josiah and Lauren, Jessa and Ben’s busy life with their two boys, and maybe even a quick glimpse of John David’s now fiance, Abbie. Watch all this and more Monday nights at 9 ET on TLC.