‘Cocaine Diapers’ Discovered At JFK Airport [Photo]

Two Bronx women were busted after authorities discovered they were wearing diapers filled with cocaine at John F. Kennedy International Airport on Saturday.

Priscilla Pena and Michelle Blassingale’s so-called “cocaine diapers” were discovered by security’s drug-sniffing dogs. According to The Huffington Post, the women arrived at the airport from a JetBlue flight from the Dominican Republic.

Reports indicate that security didn’t find anything in Pena’s luggage during their search. However, US Customs and Border Protection officials said that the woman began acting very nervous. After a hard object was found around Pena’s stomach during a pat-down, the women agreed to a strip search.

The Gothamist reports that the women had a combined 6.5 kilos of cocaine strapped to their backsides. The drugs were held in place by diapers made of duct tape.

After Pena and Blassingale agreed to a strip search, authorities discovered that both women were sporting black girdles housed in silver plastic. Inside these makeshift diapers were several pellets of cocaine which were reportedly “rigged like a girdle around their hindquarters.”

The women said they received the drugs from an unnamed man living in the Dominican Republic. Blassingale said she expected to receive upwards of $10,000 for smuggling the cocaine into the United States. Although both women were arrested, only Pena was released on $150,000 bond.

According to the Daily Mail, these so-called “cocaine diapers” are just one of the many ways people have attempted to smuggle drugs through airports. In 2008, a Mexican woman was busted after strapping bags of narcotics onto the legs of two young children. She was later sentenced to ten years in prison.

During the same year, a woman was arrested for attempting to smuggle drugs inside her bra. The suspect had around $80,000 worth of cocaine stashed inside.

Pictures of the diapers filled with cocaine are included in the following gallery.

What do you think about the women who attempted to smuggle drugs inside “cocaine diapers?”