Popular Game Show ‘Jeopardy!’ Is Headed To Hulu

Kris ConnorGetty Images

It’s a great day for trivia fans who subscribe to Hulu’s streaming platform. According to The Verge, the popular game show Jeopardy! is now available to stream on the service. Jeopardy! was not made available in its entirety, as the television game show spans thousands of episodes, but apparently some of the more notable and flagship episodes of Jeopardy! have already been made available and more are reportedly forthcoming.

Included on Hulu’s archives of the series is the legendary Jeopardy! run with Ken Jennings, who won the quiz show a record-breaking 74 times, taking home a grand total of more than $3 million in winnings.

Hulu has yet to comment on whether or not their acquirement of the series is an exclusive deal or if other streaming platforms may be able to carry the Alex Trebek-hosted show. According to a press release, Hulu made available a number of specials, as well, which included regular popular events for the show, such as the “Tournament of Champions” and “Battle of the Decades.”

“Curating collections of some of Jeopardy!‘s flagship special events, including a Tournament of Champions, a College Championship, and a Kids Week, as well as Battle of the Decades, making it possible for viewers to continuously test their knowledge.”

Jeopardy! originally debuted on NBC in 1964 and was cancelled approximately 10 years later. The show wasn’t hosted by television icon Alex Trebek until its revival in 1984. It has run for 34 seasons, with season 34 having premiered in September of 2017.

There are numerous versions of Jeopardy! across the world, with versions appearing in the United Kingdom, Germany, Sweden, Russia, Australia, Israel, Denmark, and Canada.

WASHINGTON, DC - APRIL 21: Dana Perino and Alex Trebek speak during a rehearsal before a taping of Jeopardy! Power Players Week at DAR Constitution Hall on April 21, 2012 in Washington, DC. (Photo by Kris Connor/Getty Images)Featured image credit: Kris ConnorGetty Images

Although Ken Jennings is the known record-holder for winning consecutive games, he’s only the second-highest winner for Jeopardy! in terms of most money won. That title goes to Brad Rutter, who won a grand total of more than $4 million, winning four Jeopardy! “Tournament of Champions” events.

The female record-holder for Jeopardy! in both consecutive wins and cumulative totals is Julia Collins, who ultimately won 21 games and more than $400,000 between April and June of 2014.

There has been speculation and concern about whether game shows like Jeopardy! will be able to survive in the era of streaming television with so many consumers cutting costs by cancelling their subscriptions to cable television services. This move to put Jeopardy! on Hulu is potentially a move to see how such game shows may fare in 2018 and going forward.