Jessa Duggar Sends Sweet Message To New Parents Jinger And Jeremy Vuolo

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Jessa Duggar has a message for younger sister Jinger, and her husband, Jeremy Vuolo, and it is the sweetest thing ever. The couple just became first time parents to an adorable baby girl, Felicity Nicole, on July 19. While Jinger has had plenty of hands-on experience with kids, Jeremy has not had as much. But thanks to Jessa’s two little boys, Spurgeon and Henry, he was able to get some practice in before the birth of his first child.

In a new Instagram post that Jessa sent out on Saturday, she took the time to write a sweet note to the new mom and dad. She reminded the Vuolos that it has been two years already since that infamous Duggar double date when Jeremy surprised his girl by showing up in Arkansas. Ben and Jessa were in on the plan as they all met at a local taco place. Jessa posted the photo of the four of them along with baby Spurgeon, who Jeremy is holding.

The older Duggar daughter reminisced on how time has passed by. She also joked on how Jinger and Jeremy got their experience through her and Ben’s kids.

“Seems like this moment from 2 years ago was just yesterday— and now y’all have your own baby! Time flies. ❤️ P.S. Our kids say to tell you they were happy be of service in giving you a foretaste of the parenting experience. Haha! Y’all are great, and are such wonderful parents. Love you both, @jingervuolo & @jeremy_vuolo!”

There were other humorous snapshots as well that she shared. Jeremy seems to have formed a special bond with Spurgeon ever since he was a baby. The photos show how much fun they have together. One particular picture had the former soccer player with Henry in one arm and carrying a load of papers in the other, all while Spurgeon was running around as well. The look on Jeremy’s face is priceless. He definitely had some parenting practice that day.

Jinger responded to her sister’s post by agreeing how fast time has flown by. She also laughed at the photos. Ben and Jessa were the ones who basically got them together after Ben became fast friends with Jinger’s future husband. They have been married for almost two years now and have started their own family. Spurgeon and Henry will have their little cousin to play with when she gets a little older as well.

You can watch the Duggar family on Monday nights on TLC as Counting On has started yet another season of courtships, weddings, and of course, babies.