‘How Could This Happen?’ Illinois Family Dog Mistakenly Euthanized By Local Animal Shelter

In what many would consider to be a nightmare scenario, an Illinois family is currently experiencing something that would leave most families emotionally traumatized.

According to Fox News, a worker recently entered the back yard of the Wang family. According to the report, he came into the yard unannounced and startled their dog, Moses.

By all accounts, the Labrador/German Shepherd mix was a calm and friendly dog, but the presence of an intruder pushed the dog into protective mode, as dogs are often prone to doing when strangers approach their homes.

Moses bit the maintenance worker on the leg.

The Wang family called animal control themselves, as they figured such authorities would be alerted anyway. They apparently wanted to be proactive in complying with local laws and ordinances. Moses was confined to the Tazewell County Animal Control facility where Tony and Jennifer Wang were distraught to learn he would have to stay for ten days.

The facility calls it a “cooling off period.”

Illinois General Assemby states that when a dog bites a person it must be restricted to staying under the observation of a licensed veterinarian and cannot be released in fewer than ten days. The release must come under the advisement of a licensed veterinarian.

Staff on hand at the facility allegedly promised the family their dog, Moses, would be OK.

Tony Wang visited the dog numerous times over the next couple of days, bringing the dog treats and toys for comfort. According to the report Wang even brought the dog pizza on one occasion, but the dog wasn’t eating because he was so distraught about not being able to return home.

On Thursday morning, Jennifer Wang states that the director of the animal shelter called her and casually informed her that they staff had killed her dog, by mistake.

He very calmly and matter-of-factly said that he accidentally euthanized Moses. I thought it was a cruel prank. I couldn’t believe this was happening.”

When the couple inquired how such a thing could happen, the director claimed not to know, stating he was told to put down a “gold-colored” dog and assumed Moses to be the one.

The Wang family has stated they do plan to take legal action against the Animal Control facility and against those responsible.

Tazewell County said in a statement that they regretted the incident.

Tony and Jennifer Wang have reportedly spoken to an animal rights attorney on the matter after their son Keloan reportedly “cried himself to sleep” on Thursday night after finding out news of his dog’s euthanization.