Kate Beckinsale & Kathy Griffin Rock Skimpy Bikinis For Their Own Take On The ‘In My Feelings’ Challenge

Allen BerezovskyGetty Images

Kate Beckinsale and Kathy Griffin show off their amazing bodies in their tongue-in-cheek take on the #inmyfeelings challenge.

“Last night, I hosted gay game night at my home,” Griffin posted to Instagram. “I love @KateBeckinsale, but she’s never had any real competition in the beauty department. I decided to challenge her to a bikini contest. Let me tell you…she still doesn’t know what hit her. Sorry Kate.”

The video starts with the pair strutting down the stairs in coordinating bikinis. Beckinsale is in orange, while Griffin is rocking a pale yellow number. The two are wearing matching black bootie heels and a take-no-prisoners attitude, with Griffin flipping off the camera.

The video continues with the two holding hands and walking a “catwalk” in Griffin’s foyer. Beckinsale starts out with model attitude, which quickly devolves when Griffin gives her a playful shove.

The pair starts playfully shoving each other until the two do their final turn on the “catwalk” and strut back up the stairs.

Fans can’t get enough of the video, which has over 89,000 views.

In particular, fans couldn’t get over Griffin’s youthful appearance.

“This is the best Instagram video I have ever seen,” said one enthusiastic fan. “That body! Girl you’re almost 60.”

“Kathy you look amazing!!” posted another fan.

Griffin, 57, is currently doing a comedy tour called “Laugh Your Head Off.” She recently discussed the scandal surrounding her controversial photo with ABC News. The photo showed Griffin holding a mock-severed head of President Donald Trump.

“I thought there was a really good chance my career was over,” Griffin told the network.

“No one stood by me. No network, no studio, no one,” she continued. “Left, right, and center turned on me. Everyone turned on me.”

Griffin lost sponsorship deals and her tour was canceled. She received death threats, which continue to this day, according to ABC News.

She responded by posting an apology, which she later retracted.

“I didn’t break the law. I didn’t do anything wrong,” she said.

Her Instagram video shows her looking confident and stylish with her short bob. That confidence is what brings her back to the stage, according to her ABC News interview.

“I want some young female comic or some younger person of color or younger gay person to go, ‘Hey, remember that 57-year-old bird? She didn’t let [them] take [her] down,” she said.

As promised in her video, she definitely gave Beckinsale some competition in the beauty department, to the delight of her gay game night companions and her fans.