WWE News: Glenn ‘Kane’ Jacobs Says Bernie Sanders And Donald Trump Inspired Him To Run For Mayor


Glenn Jacobs, better known to WWE fans as Kane, recently became the Mayor of Knox County, Tennessee. In a recent interview with RollingStone, the former WWE champion talked about politics, and if he ever plans on getting back into the wrestling ring.

Jacobs was asked when he first got an inkling that he might want to run for office. The former WWE superstar said that he’s always been interested in politics and that social studies was his favorite subject in school. Jacobs revealed that it was about three years ago when he first thought about running for county mayor. As time went on, Glenn started thinking more seriously about it, and he started to think that he could really do it.

The former WWE superstar, who identifies as a Libertarian, has previously revealed that he voted for Donald Trump. When asked if Trump’s win inspired him to run, he said that it did, and strategically speaking, Bernie Sanders did as well. He said that Sanders was right there with the Democratic nomination, which some people feel was stolen from him. The former WWE superstar known as Kane said he saw two guys who were definitely outside the establishment. Glenn Jacobs then expounded, as RollingStone reported.

“Even though Bernie is a politician, he’s outside of the Democratic establishment, and then you have this guy who is completely outside of the establishment by any metric. I was like, ‘Wow, people, whether they’re on the left or the right, are sick and tired of politicians.’ People want something different. That certainly played right into my hands. I’m as far outside the mainstream political establishment as you can get.”

Glenn Jacobs was then compared to former WWE wrestler and commentator Jesse “The Body” Ventura. He was asked if there is something about wrestling that lends itself to Libertarian philosophy. Glenn Jacobs said that he thinks most people are Libertarian, but they get so inundated with noise that they don’t realize there is another option besides what they generally here. He said that he’s a conservative fiscally, but when it comes to social issues, he thinks people should be allowed to do their own thing.

When the former WWE superstar was asked if he will ever wrestle again, Glenn Jacobs said that the WWE is always going to be part of him, and he added that hopefully, he’ll always be part of the WWE. He remarked that his main priority right now is being mayor, but that his role in the WWE does bring a lot of attention to Knox County, which is cool. Glenn Jacobs said that he just needs to make sure that everything he does, WWE or any other outside stuff, does not impact his role as Mayor.