Jinger Duggar Shares Photo Of A Smiling Felicity, Fans Can’t Get Enough Of This Adorable Baby

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Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo just can’t get enough of their newborn daughter, Felicity Nicole. You certainly can’t blame them, as she appears to be quite an adorable baby. The reality TV stars have been sharing some of the cuteness by posting a few photos of her, and fans can’t seem to get enough. The most recent one came from the new mom on her Instagram and it may just be the most cutest one yet.

Jinger took to social media on Friday to do a little bragging as most new parents do. The snapshot featured Felicity with her eyes closed, but it looks like she may be having quite a humorous dream. Of course, it could be something entirely different, but she was giving off a big smile. The three-week-old is wearing a blue and pink cap on her small head with a big knitted bow on the front. She is already looking quite fashionable.

The caption that Jinger Duggar wrote along with the photo said, “We are so in love with this little doll!” It looks like everyone else agrees with her. The comments are rolling in saying how sweet and precious the Vuolo baby is. According to the comments, it is a toss up between Felicity looking like Jeremy or more like Jinger. However, most agree that this little star does have Jinger’s nose crinkle down.

Felicity Nicole was born on July 19 weighing in at 8lbs., 3oz. The Duggar daughter chose to have her and Jeremy’s first child at a hospital in Texas. No home birth for these two. The birth of Felicity can be found on the TLC Go app, but will also be shown on TV sometime in the near future as well.

Jinger and Jeremy are getting used to being a family of three and it looks like they are loving every minute of it. The new daddy shared a photo on his Instagram recently of him holding his daughter while he was listening to the instructor during an online class, according to a recent report by The Inquisitr. He is obviously willing to share the responsibility of looking after the baby to give her mama a break.

On the last episode of Counting On, Jinger and Jeremy spilled the beans of their first pregnancy to Jeremy’s parents while visiting with them in Pennsylvania right after they found out themselves. They also told the Duggar family and everyone was thrilled with the news. Be sure to watch the TLC reality show on Monday nights at 8 p.m. ET as the Vuolos get ready for baby number one.