Now That The Word Is Out, Australians Are Ordering Their Free Portrait Of The Queen In Droves

Earlier this week, the Inquisitr reported on the fact that, in Australia, voting citizens are entitled to a free portrait of Queen Elizabeth II. This was due to the "Constituents' Request Program," which allows every Australian who is enrolled to vote the opportunity to obtain a portrait of the Queen, free of charge. The image is "tailored for Australians as she is wearing her 'wattle spray' brooch and a lapel pin with the Australian coat of arms," according to the Daily Mail.

The program has been criticized in the past as a waste of taxpayers funds. However, now that the news is out, voting Australians have decided they will cash in on the freebie.

According to Vanity Fair, there has been an influx of Australians contacting their local MPs as they scramble for their free portrait.

Kate Bingham was one such person who has claimed her free portrait of Queen Elizabeth II. After sharing the original article by Vice, who tested whether the Constituents' Request Program was still valid, Bingham thought the idea was just a lark. However, she still emailed her local MP and was surprised when she received a response from them.

Bingham is currently residing in New York City, but the 27-year-old harks from Canberra, Australia. While she wasn't expecting a reply, two hours later, she was informed that, yes, she was entitled to a free copy, but, no, there were currently none in stock. Ultimately, though, she will still receive a portrait.

Vanity Fair asked Bingham about why she wanted a portrait of the Queen.

"As a colonial country, we've been ruled by another country since our inception," Bingham revealed during a phone conversation with Vanity Fair.

"I just think the Queen especially embodies this kind of graceful, cold, British element that kind of acts like an authority figure to Australians. The idea of power today is so ugly; it's all white angry men who are loud and they're riddled with corruption and ego. Someone like the Queen offers a completely traditional, soft, gentle, and bizarrely, really approachable, calm manner that we can lean on."
So, how can you get your own portrait of the Queen? According to the Constituents' Request Program, you must be an Australian resident who is enrolled to vote. All you have to do after that is contact your local MP and request your portrait of Queen Elizabeth. Many offices are reportedly out of stock at the moment, but you will likely be notified by email once the stock is in and then you can simply pick up the portrait from their offices.

Australian citizens are also entitled to a free portrait of Queen Elizabeth's husband, Prince Philip.