Gordon Ramsay Has Just Splashed Out On A Sleek New James Bond Land Rover

Roy Rochlin Getty Images

Gordon Ramsay, celebrity chef extraordinaire, has just purchased a charming and sleek new James Bond vehicle. The 51-year-old decided to regale the world with his new purchase yesterday by posting photographs of the Land Rover Defender that was last used in the film Spectre by Daniel Craig.

Another one of these SVX Concept Defenders went up for auction in July with a price listing of $320,000, and it is believed that Ramsay almost certainly paid more than $250,000 for his new vehicle through Tom Hartley Jnr, as Fox News report.

There are reported to have been just 10 of these Land Rovers commissioned specifically in 2015 for the James Bond film, but only a handful of them were actually used in the movie, with the vast majority of the Defenders used to promote Spectre instead.

Gordon Ramsay’s new James Bond vehicle was allegedly used in a quite a few scenes in the film and is said to still be in mint condition with nary a scratch on it. In the Instagram video that Ramsay posted, he professed that the purchase was the thrill of a lifetime and then jokingly referred to himself as “James, Gordon James.” According to the Daily Mail, he then filmed himself saying, “I spy with my little eye, something beginning D. A Defender, beyond belief!’

Later on in the video after the chef had shown the outside of his exciting new purchase, Gordon Ramsay jumped swiftly inside his new Land Rover, exclaiming, “Look at this baby!”

The Maxxis Trepador tires on the Land Rover, estimated to run at a cost of $500 for each one, are a whopping 37-inches wide and are affixed to the car’s alloys.

When the James Bond vehicle that Gordon Ramsay purchased was first listed, it was calculated to have just 894 miles on it and features a 3.0-liter engine, which was reportedly given an upgrade so that it is now at 185 hp.

The Land Rover is also registered to be safely driven on roads in the UK with a license plate which reads P100 SPY and the vehicle has been referred to as the “Ultimate Defender.” According to the listing for the vehicle, it also comes with a host of documents that relate to the filming schedule of Spectre.

“The Spectre Defender we have here is presented in perfect condition, having been used only in drive-by scenes. It is UK road registered and has been driven just 894 miles from new. Accompanying the car is a range of papers documenting filming schedules and the high-end parts used in its construction.”

Beside Gordon Ramsay’s purchase of the new James Bond Land Rover, he has recently revealed that part of the reason that his shows have been so successful in the United States is because most Americans know “f**k all” about truly great food.