Kid Rock Harley Davidson Partnership A ‘Dream Deal’ For Rocker

Madison, WI – The Kid Rock Harley Davidson partnership is a “dream deal” according to the rocker. Kick Rock is the owner of several Harley bikes and he feels like it is a natural extension of himself to have them as his sponsor for Kid Rock’s upcoming tour, named for his most recent release, “Rebel Soul.”

The Huffington Post says the Kid Rock Harley Davidson partnership announced Monday also includes an exclusive line of limited-edition, co-branded “Rebel Soul” merchandise featuring a line from the song: “I can’t hear you over the rumble of my freedom.”

Kid Rock said Tuesday the Harley Davidson deal “just makes sense” in a telephone interview with the Detroit Free Press:

“Harley Davidson? Man, it’s like a dream deal. You know much like Jim Beam, it’s something I’ve used that I’ve loved for a long time before this deal came about. It just makes sense. I’ve turned down countless deals that just don’t make sense to me. Honestly, it’s always about the money, yes, but more importantly it’s about something you truly believe in and truly use. At least, people that like what I do and are into what I do understand that.”

Harley also is sponsoring a national contest to win a customized motorcycle that the winner can ride on stage with Kid Rock at the Milwaukee show.

Mark-Hans Richer, Harley’s chief marketing officer, has been inviting Kid Rock to annual anniversary shows for years, but now they feel it’s time to take the business relationship one step further:

“He’s got a strong attitude, a great personality, he’s a real rider.”

What do you think about the Kid Rock Harley Davidson partnership?