Christoph Waltz To Host ‘SNL’ A Week Before The Oscars

It’s just been announced by Deadline that Academy Award winner Christoph Waltz will be hosting Saturday Night Live a week before the Oscars. For those who are in the Oscar campaigning know, this is a huge push for Waltz who is competing in the Best Supporting Actor category for the Tarantino film Django Unchained.

Christoph Waltz’ hosting duty for SNL will be his first time, and will go live February 16. The Academy Awards will be broadcast on February 24. The musical guest to join Waltz is Alabama Shakes.

This timing is simply kismet, as the actor lost out on being nominated for a SAG. This will only remind people that he’s still out there, and still competing, whether he likes to admit it or not, for the gold.

If Waltz wins for Best Supporting, this will be his second win, and his second for Best Supporting. His first time was in 2010 for his role in Inglorious Basterds.

Early in December Christoph Waltz joked about his working relationship with Tarantino now that he has collaborated with him twice, saying, “There was no reunification, and there was no working together, it was just another mushroom of the fungus that was growing subcutaneously in me, all the time. Next question. “

A few weeks ago Christoph Waltz surprisingly took home the Golden Globe for his role in Django Unchained, which got people talking about his chances for the Oscar. Either way, his SNL booking is a good sign that Waltz may snag the award away from Tommy Lee Jones, who hasn’t been seen at an awards show since his grumpy face at the Golden Globes turned into a viral sensation.