Kim Kardashian Hid Kris Humphries’ Engagement Ring In Front Of ‘Heartbroken’ Kanye West: ‘I Sat On My Hand’

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Long before they were famously dubbed “Kimye”, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West were just good friends, and in her new radio interview on L.A.’s Real 92.3, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star sat down with the Big Boy’s Neighborhood radio show and opened up about the time she once did her best to hide her engagement ring from her former husband, NBA player Kris Humphries, in front of a “heartbroken” Kanye when the two ended up dining at the same restaurant after an awards show, as reported by People.

Fans will probably never forget the time when Kim and Kris got married, mainly due to how fast the marriage ended. After just 72 days of being husband and wife, Kim decided to end the marriage in October 2011 and their divorce was finalized in 2013. The media broke into a frenzy when news of the divorce broke and there were rumors swirling around that the marriage itself had been nothing more than a publicity stunt on Kim’s side.

Nonetheless, while she was still Kris’ wife, the KKW Beauty creator had a run-in with Kanye, who had already made it publicly known that he was in love with her, when she was presenting at an awards show and then at a restaurant.

“So I am presenting the award. Kanye was nominated. So I see him backstage,” Kim told Big Boy. “We end up both at the Soho House and he sat at my table and I had my big ring on cause I was married,” she continued.

Kim goes on to explain that because she tends to talk with her hands, she kept unintentionally waving her sparkly engagement ring in Kanye’s face, and upon noticing how “heartbroken” he looked, she proceeded to hide the ring by sitting on her hand.

“So I am talking with my ring and I talk with my hands a lot so I am talking, and I just see him looking at my ring and his face would just get heartbroken. So I sat on my hand for the rest of the dinner and spoke like this with one hand.”

The mother of three also admitted that she was aware that Kanye had deep feelings for her at the time; however, “nothing went down” between them until after she and Kris split.

“Nothing went down. Nothing happened. But then I went to New York and started filming and I was like, ‘You’re right. I’m miserable.’ I made the wrong decision.”

At the time, Kim and her sister Kourtney headed to New York to film their E! series, Kourtney and Kim Take New York.

Kim and Kanye got married in 2014 and are now parents to North, 5; Saint, 2; and 6-month-old Chicago.