Alex Jones’ Content Getting Removed From Twitter After ‘CNN’ Story

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News of conspiracy theorist Alex Jones and his news organization Infowars getting purged from all major content platforms but one hit the headlines earlier this week.

As The Guardian reported, Jones was banned by Facebook, Apple, YouTube, and Spotify for promoting violence and hate speech. The one remaining platform hosting Jones’ content is now Twitter, but that may soon change.

In fact, Alex Jones’ Twitter days may have already been numbered. According to The Hill, several tweets and videos posted by the Infowars host were removed, following a CNN analysis.

Written by Oliver Dracy and published on August 9, CNN‘s story quotes Twitter’s vice president for trust and safety, Del Harvey, who said that Twitter would have taken action against Alex Jones had he violated the platform’s policies.

Harvey’s statement prompted CNN to conduct a review of Jones’ Twitter accounts, in an effort to find out whether Jones or his news organization had posted content violating Twitter rules.

For instance, according to CNN‘s analysis, in some of his Twitter messages, Jones compared the Parkland shooting survivor, David Hogg, to Nazis, suggesting that the Parkland shooting victims were crisis actors.

“The Nazis did wear armbands, David Hogg wears one. The Nazis were a youth movement, they didn’t want the guns. And so if the shoe fits, wear it,” Jones said in a video posted to Twitter, according to CNN. “Are child actors being used to push gun control in Florida shooting?” he asked in another.

In another video posted to the platform, Jones reportedly accused transgender Americans of showing up at schools, wearing demon outfits, and “having their way” with children.

Jones also suggested that the Sandy Hook shooting was a hoax in which “no one was killed,” and suggested that his followers watch a documentary that “blows the lid” of what the conspiracy theorist claims to be a “mega massive coverup.”

According to CNN, Twitter’s “hateful conduct” policy prohibits the platform’s users from harrassing others on the basis of religion, and this is something Jones has repeatedly done. For instance, the analysis shows that Jones posted numerous videos portraying Muslims as invaders funded by George Soros, out to “destroy the West.”

In a more recent tweet, Jones reportedly linked Islam to pedophilia.

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As CNN pointed out, Twitter rules prohibit content that glorifies or celebrates violence, and Alex Jones has done both, having posted videos in which he “attacks” and “dehumanizes” others, journalists in particular.

For instance, in one of the videos posted to Twitter, Jones called CNN’s very own Senior Media Correspondent Brian Stelter the “literal demon spawn of the pit of Hell,” a “smiling leering Devil,” who is “drunk on children’s blood,” threatening that the correspondent would “pay” for what he has done.

According to The Hill, less than an hour after the CNN article went live, more than a dozen videos and tweets from Jones’ Twitter accounts were removed.