Rickey Williams Creates Artwork From Horror Figures


An artist from Sacramento, California, Rickey Williams, is taking his artistic talents to the horror industry by using classic figures and reworking them into dioramas which reflect dark moments from some of the horror fandom’s favorite franchises, reports 1428 Elm. Williams can be found around the Bay Area, taking his art to various conventions and showcasing his works for the horror audience.

His works span across various well known horror icons. Using all figurines and miniature set deign pieces, Williams has created a butcher’s room, where the Texas Chainsaw Massacre icon, Leatherface can be seen working on his newest victim. In another piece, Jason from Friday the 13th stands holding a bloodied axe, severed head at his feet, a noose hanging off to the side, and a naked woman pinned to the wall with a a machete in the background. Williams puts a lot of detail into his art.

Rickey re-details the figures according to his design idea, adding new levels of depth and gore. 1428 Elm reports from a convention, that Rickey Williams has even constructed an entire miniature version of Elm Street home famous for the Freddy Krueger nightmares. The reproduction is a two sided doll house. One side shows a replica of the front of the 1428 Elm Street house from the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise, windows boarded up. Once turned around, the other side has four rooms, each showcasing Freddy doing something malevolent. The dream demon stands near a furnace, facing a row of chains, looming behind pipes in one room, snake like in another, dressed in his best suit in the top right bedroom while holding a severed head, and tormenting one victim by distorting her arms in the last room up top.

Robert Englund himself was apparently impressed by Rickey’s work. Englund is the man behind the original Freddy Krueger in all of the initial Nightmare on Elm Street films.The crew at 1428 Elm took a photograph of Robert Englund signing the doll house at amid the crowded convention. It is also reported that William’s doll house is set to be featured in a book by Mick Strawn, titled Behind The Screams: The Dream Master Revealed. The book will be about Nightmare on Elm Street Part 4.

Rickey Williams does in fact take requests for commissioned, special works for any horror fans wishing to own a custom miniature piece. American actor Nathan Baesel from Behind The Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon, has even commissioned Rickey Williams for one of the art pieces.