Kelly Osbourne Reveals Recent Relapse

Jamie McCarthyGetty Images

Kelly Osbourne opened up to the public on Instagram this week about her “dark year,” according to Entertainment Tonight. Osbourne put up a post announcing she was one year sober on Thursday.

“This past year has been one of the hardest years of my life and I feel it’s time [to] share that with you guys. To cut a long story short things got really dark. I gave up on everything in my life but most of all I gave up on myself,” Osbourne started off the post. The post is just a screen shot of the Twelve Steps app announcing her year of sobriety.

Later on in the post she goes on to thank her brother, Jack, who picked up the phone one year ago today and has “picked me up from where I had fallen yet again without judgment,” Osbourne explained. She goes on to thank her parents too saying that she loves her family and friends.

All this after being interviewed about her friend Demi Lovato’s relapse just two weeks ago, as reported by TheInquisitr. Osbourne explained two weeks ago that “relapse is one of the hardest things we face as an open addict who has gone through the program and turned their life around.”

She ends the Instagram post in a very positive, but also very honest, note saying, “I still don’t know who the f**k I am or what the f**k I want but I can whole heartedly confess that I’m finally at peace with myself and truly starting to understand what true happiness is.”

Osbourne’s battle for sobriety has lasted for six years. It included four visits to rehab, six detoxes and one visit to a mental institution, according to People.

As for Lovato, the singer checked out of the hospital and into rehab. Lovato canceled the rest of her tour in order to focus on her well-being, according to Entertainment Weekly.

The Osbourne’s have a history of dealing with addiction. Kelly’s brother Jack has been sober since 2003 according to the Daily Mail. Jack entered rehab when he was just 17-years-old to be treated for an addiction to painkiller Oxycontin and vowed, after receiving treatment, that he didn’t want to be ‘controlled’ by drugs. Her famous rock ‘n’ roll dad, Ozzy, has continued to stay sober for years. In a 2017 interview with Rolling Stone, he said he still is sober.

Kelly made an appearance in her father and brother’s show Ozzy and Jack’s World Detour for the season finale on A&E, according to her Instagram.