Baby Born In Burger King Bathroom As Mother Overdosed On Heroin

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Elizabeth D. Sanders, 26 years old, was found in an Ohio Burger King bathroom, overdosing on heroin with drugs on the floor next to her. Meanwhile, Zachary Frey was found “passed out” behind the wheel of a running car. When officers arrived, Sanders said that she thought she had a miscarriage. A medic looked into the toilet and saw the baby face-up.

The officers asked Sanders to stand up, which caused the baby to roll into the toilet. Thankfully, a medic was able to grab the baby who was still breathing. The baby was rushed to the Adena Medical Center, and is expected to be “OK,” according to Fox2Now. At this time, it’s unknown what will happen with the baby’s custody.

Police were called to the Burger King after someone spotted Frey passed out in a running purple Saturn Ion, and saw Sanders enter the bathroom around 2:30 p.m. When they arrived at the scene, Frey was awoken by police, who was found “drooling, having slurred speech, pinpoint pupils,” according to the Chillicothe Gazette.

While an officer attended to Frey, a second officer went to the bathroom with a medic. They found Sanders on a toilet with what’s believed to be a ball of heroin on the floor, and they quickly saved the baby.


Both Frey and Sanders are dealing with criminal charges right now, not just related to the Burger King incident. Frey already has pending charges for misdemeanor theft and criminal trespass. He’s received new charges of operating a vehicle while impaired and possession of drug paraphernalia. Officers also found a bag of what’s believed to be heroin in his pocket.

Sanders also has pending charges for allegedly stealing money from her bartending job. So although she was discharged from the hospital following the incident, she was arrested for an outstanding warrant due to her theft charges.


This isn’t the first time that a woman gave birth in a Burger King. In September 2017, two women gave birth in a New Jersey Burger King just a day apart. However, in these cases, the women were in the parking lot. The first birth was by a mother who was heading to a hospital, but had to stop at the Burger King when her contractions became intense. The same first responders helped both mothers give birth, in a strange coincidence, detailed People. It was such a surprise to the team, who recounted that “We look at our pagers and go: ‘This is a joke. This can’t be — two nights in a row, the same exact thing.”