Lady Gaga And Bradley Cooper Headline ‘A Star Is Born’ For Fall Movie Preview

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American actor and producer Bradley Cooper is making his directorial debut with his project film A Star Is Born. The movie will star Cooper and Lady Gaga. These two mega stars reimagined a classic would-be film that has been in pre-production, only to be perpetually stalled for years in Hollywood. Everyone from Clint Eastwood to Beyonce has respectively attempted to tack this tragic romance. Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga spoke with Entertainment Weekly Magazine recently, explaining the details of what led Cooper to take on the beast, despite many naysayers.

Cooper, 43, explained to reporters during his Hollywood Hills interview for the weekly cover of Entertainment Weekly that many people whom he “respected” and who thought to have his best interest in their mind told him not to try making A Star Is Born. But according to Cooper, the story had been building within him since the early age of 8 years old, begging to be let out.

“I had a lot of people tell me, ‘Please don’t do this’ — people I respect and who care about me. I just knew this could be the end of everything if it doesn’t work. It’s like, ‘Who’s this guy making the fourth [version] of this movie? Shut up already.’ But I still could not deny what I felt deep down, and that’s why it was this movie. It sort of ignited something in me.”

He’s been writing songs since he was a young boy, but basically stopped around 19, says Cooper. Because of this, he knew “there was something that [he] hadn’t pursued.” Finally, he was able to put that desire and talent into a movie.

“I used to always hear verses and songs in my head as a kid. And I wrote a couple down. I’m talking from like [age] 8 to like 19. So I knew that there was something that I hadn’t pursued that maybe I could actualize one day in a movie.”

The 32-year-old pop icon Lady Gaga will also be starring alongside Cooper for A Star Is Born, portraying the role of Ally. Gaga says this role, and the entire experience of working with Bradley Cooper, has changed her, giving her “more ammunition to believe” in herself because of Cooper’s own belief in her.

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In A Star Is Born, viewers can expect to see a relationship between an alcoholic rock star, Jackson Maine, and a singer-songwriter, Ally. Cooper’s character, Jackson, will fall deeply into his addictions while Ally goes full throttle toward a path of superstardom. Entertainment Weekly is calling this part Lady Gaga’s most dramatic performance to date.

Bradley Cooper, Eric Roth, and Will Fetters co-wrote the script for A Star Is Born, and the original score is thanks to Mark Ronson, Jason Isbell, and Willie Nelson’s son Lukas. Shots from real music festivals such as Coachella and Glastonbury will be used in the film. A Star Is Born will premiere at the Venice Film Festival and is set to hit theaters this fall, on October 5.

Producer Bill Gerber remarked on the performances from Cooper and Gaga, as well as their energy while working together as a team.

“I think the reason it’s so outstanding is because of the deal they made at the beginning. She said, ‘People are gonna think you’re a rock star.’ And he said, ‘People are gonna think you’re an actress.’ They both accomplished what they said they would do.”

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